7 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

Last Updated: August 3, 2018

There is nothing which your Smartphone cannot do. From serious and professional tasks to some very light-hearted and jocular pieces of work, you can literally do anything. Starting on a playful note, today we want you to try out some very convenient and easy-to-use “voice changer apps” like face changer apps.

You might want to render changes to the normal voices just for time pass, or when you are looking for a big hearty laugh in your friend circle. You might change the voice of any muscular hunky into a petite girl’s voice or change male voice to female. How funny it could be!

Here below is the list of some of the most useful and liked voice-changer apps for your Android and iPhone devices. So, keep reading and find that app which you think you will like.

Top 7 Voice Changer Apps

1) Voice Changer With Effects

voice changer with effects

Available on the Play Store, this app is truly amazing. It gives you a variety of effects to pick from. You can get even more effects by recommending this app to 5 friends or by upgrading to the ad-free version. You can even import pre-recorded sounds from your phone or can record fresh voice by simply tapping on to the mic like icon.

One thing which we really liked about this app is the feature by which you can “create a voice from the text”. We tried out this particular feature and were amazed at the output. It is having a very simple interface and therefore it is a no-brainer to use this app. We really loved the “Backwards” effect which reads out the recorded voice in reverse! Do use this feature if you install this app.

Link: Play Store

2) Voice Changer Android Rock

voice changer android rock

This app too comes handy on the Play Store. The effects provided by this app are truly different and the quality of the changed voice is quite likable. The interface is very basic and simplifies the user-experience with the help of images. There are many effects available like an old man, bee, nervous, twisted tongue, and more. The “Drunk” effect is certainly something you won’t want to miss out. It made us burst into heavy laughter when we heard the voice of a sober person in a heavily drunken tone!

You can also share the funny voices with your friends. This app also lets you import audios from the phone memory. We personally liked this app for its good quality while converting the voices.

Link: Play Store

3) Change Your Voice

change your voice

This is indeed a very basic app with the minimalistic features. As soon as you open the app, it gives you the option to record your voice. Once you record your voice, you can give it many effects which have been beautifully arranged in a pictorial format. You can also add your own effect to the recorded voice by selecting the “EDIT” option from the bottom-left of the screen. This customizing feature allows you to set various parameters like frequency, pitch, and echo amongst many other parameters of the recorded voice.

Sharing the voice is very easy with this app and you can set the modified voice as your new ringtone, notification tone or your new alarm melody. But, this app doesn’t give you the option to load voice from your phone’s memory. This really is quite disappointing. But overall, this app is pretty cool and fine.

Link: Play Store

4) Celebrity Voice Changer

celebrity voice changer

This one really stands out from every corner. Where every other voice-changer app is providing more or less the same voice effects, this one surely makes a steep detour in that department. It is because it makes you sound like a star! Actually, this app allows you to change your voice to any of the celebrity’s voice present in the available list. There are nearly 30 celebrities’ voices present which include famous cartoon characters, popular film stars, renowned politicians and TV hosts as well.

You can talk like Oprah Winfrey or even Donald Trump! More so, you can even request for more celebrity voices in case you don’t find your favorite celebrity on the list.

The effects were astoundingly real and amazing! This is surely an app to try, even if for once.

Link: Android/iOS

5) Best Voice Changer

best voice changer

This is another voice changer app present in the Play Store. This is a really cool app. The voice change results were hilariously funny and sounded like crazy. The app is very simple to use. You can even change the pace of your voice as slower or faster among many options. The best part of this app which we really loved is “background sound addition“. You can add background sound to your voice and make it sound as if you are in a church, library, crowd, rain or airport and many others. This is amazing! You must try out this app if you truly want to have a fun time pass.

Link: Play Store

6) Voice Changer

voice changer by smart app smart tools

This is a free app too. It is available in Play Store. It changes the voice of yours in an effective manner and renders a super crazy and humorous effect to your voice. You can simply import your music files too. You might want to save your recordings and later set them as your ringtone or notification bell. Interestingly you can even edit the content as per as your choice.

We really changed the voice of some of our favorite tracks from our Smartphone and how! To listen some of the heart rendering songs in a Chipmunk voice was one of a kind experience!

Link: Play Store

7) Voice Changer Plus

voice changer plus

This voice changing app is available for iOS users at App Store. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is slightly heavy app weighing 79.3 MB. You can even play your voice backward in this app. You can change your voice to around 55 voices and background effects. Moreover, you can easily save and share your recordings. Further, you will be provided with full voice-over support while using this app.

With so many features packed into just one app, the big size of this app is aptly justified.

Link: App Store

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We hope now that you have gone over these amazing voice changer apps which we specifically selected from the uncountable number of apps present. You can go for any of them or even more than one if you want to experience the fun and excitement of these apps.


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