10 Best URL Shorteners To Trim Down Link Length

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You might have encountered situations where you find some of the links of websites to be very lengthy. Although, there is nothing wrong with long URLs still they don’t look professional. Making these links short is the best method which you can use to share them with other users on social media platforms and even on your blogs. So, we have come up with websites that anyone can use to trim down the link’s length. You will find some free websites that will let you earn money and, some paid sites too. Let’s jump directly into this list of best URL shorteners now.

Best URL Shortener Websites

1. TinyURL


Using this free website, users can create short links for a lengthy URL without any registration or sign up. The only working required here is copying and pasting the URL on the link text area. Once pasted, click on Make Tiny URL button to proceed to the next page. After that, the website will display the original URL as well as the tiny URL along with the number of characters each possesses.

The newly created URL will have an option for the user to copy it directly to the clipboard which is always helpful if you are accessing this website on Android or iOS devices. Apart from these features, you can also have a preview of the link. This will display the original link to which the shortened link is redirecting. Lastly, you can save this tool as a bookmark on your web browser.

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2. Bitly

 best URL shorteners - Bitly

This website comes into play just when you think that nothing can be easier than TinyURL to shorten URLs. You don’t even need to click on any button here. Just simply paste the link that you want to trim down and Bitly will automatically convert that link into a smaller one. You also get an option to copy that link to clipboard.

But unlike TinyURL, you won’t get the length of the characters that the website has trimmed down to. Still, it provides way more features than the previous one. For example, you can track and optimize these links. In order to use these features, you will have to create an account first.

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3. Bit.do

Custom URL Shortener - Bit.do

If you are looking for a custom URL shortener then this can be the best choice. As usual, it will create a short URL for the link that you have entered, but that’s not it. It will also create a link using which you can check the traffic stats for that particular link. For example, views, distinct users, and so on.

And if you want to add your custom words or numbers to the URL then enter those phrases in the optional Customize your short link tab. But keep in mind, this phrase must be unique otherwise, it won’t work. The only drawback with this method is that the link will also include “bit.do” as a prefix.

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4. ClicksFly

ClicksFly - best URL shortener to make money

What can be better URL shortener which is free and can be used to make money at the same time? You can register to this site for free using Google credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to find the option to shorten the link on each and every page of the website. Simply paste the URL and you are good to go.

This is also a great custom URL shortener as you can modify these links by adding Alias and Advertising Type. Coming to making money part, earnings will depend on the number of the clicks on the newly created links and the pricing will also vary according to the Country you are based in.

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5. Firebase


Google URL shortener was replaced by Firebase Dynamic Links. In order to use this product, first, you need to create a project in Firebase Google console. After completing all these formalities, you can begin creating dynamic URLs.

But to be honest, shortening URL is a bit complicated in this one. First head over to Grow tab in the left menu bar and then click on Dynamic Links to get started.

First, you need to create a sub-domain. After that, you can paste the desired link and start creating your Dynamic or short URLs. And while setting these URLs, you can add social meta tags for sharing. Later, you can also track the analytics of these links from the project itself by monitoring the number of clicks, first opens and re-opens.

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6. ClickMeter


Unlike all the websites mentioned till now, this one is for big companies and enterprises because it can manage all the URL related activities at one place. Using this tool, owners can target their selected audience, manage broken links, monitor views & clicks, shorten URLs, URL encryption, easily share the created links, and many more. Because of all these features, ClickMeter is a paid service for which the pricing starts from $29 per month with 30-days money back guarantee.

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7. T2M.io

T2M.io - free URL shortener

Another free and simple website for transforming lengthy links into small ones. The method of making the longer links shorter is same as usual. Enter the link in the URL bar of the website and click on Shorten. What set T2M apart from most of the competitors is that it also generates a QR code along with the short URL through which users can open the target website with the help of any Barcode scanner.

Check out T2M.io



A perfect and free alternative for ClickMeter. Although all the features are not totally free, still you can get started without paying anything. Apart from resizing the URL length, BL.INK provides other features which include link tracking, tutorials and support, chrome extension and many more. The free plan will only last up to 1000 links after which you have to buy the premium plans which starts from $12 per month.

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9. Shorte.st


Another website which lets you make money while shortening the URLs. And if you simply want to shorten the URL and copy it, then that can also be done in Shorte.st for free without registering or logging in. But only after registration, you will be able to use all the other features like stats, website scripts, social widgets, Blogspot tools, and many more.

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10. ReBrandly


This is a freemium link management system that also lets you shorten the URLs and even make the custom ones by mentioning the brand name and keyword of your choice. You can use their free service to shorten unlimited URLs while it’s limited to 500 branded links. Using this tool, you can create private links, custom keyword selection, advanced click tracking, optimize targeting, monitor link expiration, and many more. The starting price for ReBrandly account is $29 per month.

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So, these were my picks for best URL shorteners which include some of the free websites that can be used by individuals to shorten the URLs and make money. And this list also includes some paid services which are perfect for small and large companies. If you ask me then I would definitely suggest Bitly because of its easy usage.

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