7 Best Tinnitus Apps For Android And iOS

Suffering from Tinnitus? It is one of the most common hearing problems nowadays, in which you may hear ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears which may come and go and may ultimately lead to hearing loss. Tinnitus may require medical concern but thanks to the technological world, there are certain Android/iOS apps that may aid in your hearing problem. All you have to do is plug in your earphones and relax. So, here is a list of best Tinnitus apps for you.

Top Free Tinnitus Apps

1. Relax Noise 3- Tinnitus Mask

Relax noise 3- Tinnitus therapy app android

The ‘Relax Noise 3- Tinnitus Mask’ app offered by Martin Nathansen helps mask your in-ear voices by playing a set of background soothing sounds.

It has 3 different types of noises which are White, Pink and Red. These noises offer different background sounds such as electric sounds, sounds of breeze, waterfall sounds etc. You can manually listen to the sound you like the most as well as set a timer for the music to play, ranging from 1 second to 24 hours!

Also, you can adjust the noise volume as well as dim the background.

App link: Android

2. myNoise

myNoise - tinnitus relief app for iPhone and Android

This app from myNoise BVBA is another Tinnitus therapy app that offers a variety of sounds to choose from, ranging from Folk Tradition to Demolition site noises and you can download these noises on the go!

myNoise consists of paid as well as free sounds for your relief. The vast collection of different noises is a quite unique feature of this app.

App link: Android/iOS

3. White Noise Generator

White noise generator

The White Noise Generator app by Relaxio is one of the best Tinnitus apps with stunning ratings. It has a much more user-friendly interface as compared to the other apps. The app offers Noise tiles to select and play a noise, making it easy for a user to switch between sounds.

It also comes with a timer as well as a favorite Noise Selector just like other apps. You can also switch to an English user interface if you do not like the Noise-tile interface, from the settings.

App link: Android

4. SimplyNoise

Simplynoise - Tinnitus app

This app is one of the smallest noise generator apps you’ll find on Google Play Store. This app simply has a White, Pink and a Brown Noise Generator.

The key feature of this app is that it has an Oscillator option which enables you to distort the voices further, distracting you from Tinnitus. One feature that differentiates it from the other apps is its negligible size. So, its worth a try!

App link: Android/iOS

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5. Tonal Tinnitus Therapy

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy is an app offered by appyhapps.nl which helps in the treatment of a special kind of Tinnitus, known as ‘Tonal Tinnitus’. It produces acoustic modulation of sounds which may reach up to the frequency of 15000 Hz, thus offering a huge range of noises for you.

It is a paid app on Google Play Store but it comes with a free 1-week trial version and then you have to pay once for unlimited use. You can also set a daily reminder for the app in case you tend to forget often!

App link: Android

6. ReSound Tinnitus Relief

Best Tinnitus apps (resound tinnitus relief)

It is an app for Tinnitus that has a range of different noises to choose from. One unique feature of the app is that you can actually conduct a hearing loss test under the Learn section and decide whether you need medical help or not.

This app takes you through a series of animated scenes which may help you to relax more by helping you imagine you are in that place where you can find peace and relax!

App link: Android

7. Tinnitus Therapy Lite

Tinnitus therapy lite app

This app has a list of White Spectral Therapeutic Sounds of high quality with a 5 to 120-minute session timer with continuous therapy option.

This app is a lite version of the ‘Tinnitus Therapy Pro’ app so it does not have all the features but is still worth a try due to its wide range of Therapeutic sounds.

App link: Android

Treating Tinnitus isn’t difficult now. Is it? So, these were the apps that can help to relieve Tinnitus for free. If you have anything to share regarding these apps or any query, let us know in the comments.


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