5 Best Time-Lapse Apps For Android And iPhone

Photography and videography have been upgraded to many heights. Various types of tricks and tips surface every now and then related to them. Time-lapse is an amazing way of video making and then seeing things which can not be observed normally. Time-lapse of clouds to traffics, everything looks too candy to the eyes. So, here are some best Time-Lapse apps available for Android and iPhones for creating awesome time-lapse.

Best Free Timelapse Apps

1. Time Spirit

Best time lapse apps android - Time Spirit

Time Spirit is currently highest rated time-lapse app available only on Android. It is a decent app not just for video-lapse but also for photo-lapse. Photo-lapse videos are generally suitable when you have to see changes on any object or place during a long period of time.

Before making the video you can set resolution, choose a frame interval, duration and some old types of filters like mono, negative etc. The timer is also available to start after few seconds if you are making a video of yourself. You can also add music to your videos.

Before starting the photo lapse, you can name the video. The best part about making a video with photo-lapse is that it is possible to set a reminder frequency in the range of 1-7 days so that you do not forget to click a picture.

App link: Android

2. Hyperlapse From Instagram

Best Time Lapse app iPhone - Hyperlapse from Instagram

This is the only app in the list which is available on iOS. But this app is enough to make a good Time Lapse video on iPhone/iPad. Instagram has kept it very minimal and despite having very few features this app is still one of the best.

You do not have to worry about a stand or tripod for making a well-stabilized video. Hyperlapse uses image stabilization feature to create a perfect video even when you are in motion. You can also make a video with the front camera.

The speed of the video can also be increased up to 12 times and decreased to 2x or even normal. After recording the video you can share it directly to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

App link: iOS

3. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Best free TimeLapse editor- Microsoft Hyperlapse

It is the most simple and ‘easy to use’ app for creating a good time-lapse video. The best part about the app is, it lets you make a time-lapse video of any video including the ones that are already existing on your device.  All you have to do is open the app and choose from  ‘Import’ or ‘Record’. So, it definitely works as a time-lapse editor app too.

The app lets you change the speed of the video after recording. Quite simply, the speed can be increased or decreased while watching the video only.

In the settings section, you can choose to save the video to SD card otherwise it will be saved in your phone memory. Also, there is an option to create a video at 1080p resolution but that is not recommended for all phones.

App link: Android

4. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse app android

PicPac is one of the most used apps for timelapse on Google Play Store. This app and the next app below are little different from the mainstream time-lapse apps as these do not record a video directly. They use photo-lapse method for making time-lapse videos.

This app is useful in other ways as you can also edit the videos that are already on your phone, edit/remove unnecessary frames from it and make a time-lapse video out of it. It also allows you to add your voice or music in the video.

You can also choose photos from gallery and make a time-lapse video or slideshow. This too can be edited like other videos. But the drawback of the app is that it saves the video in only 360p resolution and that too with a watermark. For higher resolution and to remove watermark you have to go for its pro version.

App link: Android

5. Framelapse – Time Lapse Camera

Free Time lapse app - FrameLapse

This is another good app for timelapse that uses photo-lapse for creating a video. You can start with a self-timer, choose the quality of the video, duration of the video etc. It also lets you choose the frame interval at which the app will take a photo. But that can’t be set below 1 second.

Framelapse has the option to add filters to your video and the exposure can also be increased or decreased. It has a pro version too without ads and some other features.

App link: Android

There are only a few good apps available for Time-lapse. Most of the apps generally have photo-lapse feature and in my experience video-lapse is a far better choice if you want to create a flawless video. So these were the best time-lapse apps you can use in 2018. If you are into creating such videos, tell us your experience with these apps or any other good app you know about in the comments below.


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