Best Technology Personal Assistants – Real and Fictional

Best Technology Personal Assistants we have had till date. Get to know about all the personal assistants like Siri, Cortana etc. which are a result of  artificial intelligence.

HAL 9000

In 1968, when Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 : A Space Odyssey” got released, the world was introduced to HAL 9000, the robot that guided our astronauts during their journey.

Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t watched this movie which was released 48 years back : HAL 9000 ends up being the bad guy and destroying the chances of survival for the humans in the ship.

Best Technology Personal Assistant
The HAL 9000


One of the good AI in recent times has been TARS and CASE from Interstellar, who are lovable robots. The Interesting bit about this AI is their ability to control their truth and humor settings. If the humans wanted the truth from TARS, they would request TARS to increase the truth setting. This adaptability to human emotion is very deep and it’s testament to the fact how Christopher Nolan has thought so much.

Sometimes humans feel a bit low emotionally and need a pick-me up, if the truth setting is high, then the robot would mention the reality, which isn’t morale boosting for the human. If the truth setting is bought low, the robot can “Inspire” the human with some words that will boost morale. This is the closest AI thinkers havecome to an adaptable robot that will be beneficial for humans.



The AI that every Ironman fan is attached to is Jarvis. Jarvis is probably the perfect AI that has come close to reality. Jarvis understands commands and executes, picks up valuable information and informs Tony Stark. AI is supposed to make life better in ways like this, where they handle entire tasks. Jarvis always looks to keep tony stark safe and you can’t help but think if the creators have built Jarvis with Asimov’s laws in mind. Just like any good AI, Jarvis does not occupy any space and is just a simple Interface on the screen. This makes Jarvis one of the best AI personal assistant!

Best Technology Personal Assistant


Microsoft’s answer to SIRI has been absolutely perfect. Cortana even in a beta version has performed much better than Siri and Google Now. Cortana has a pretty immersive experience where its basically tied to all the apps on the windows phone. This means, you could make request cortana to do functions that would automatically register in an app on the phone. For example, if you are into fitness and ask cortana to do a conversion from miles to kilometres, you could ask cortana to add it to your fitness tracking application. This is because of the open nature of Cortana’s OS.

Here are some other things cortana can do that Siri cannot. Cortana can play games, can sing a song, can quote from movies and songs and much more.

technological personal assistant

intelligent personal assistant for Windows


intelligent personal assistant for Windows

Artificial Intelligence - Personal Assistant

Check this video out that compares the three personal assitants. Siri, Cortana and Google Now.


Siri was introduced in the keynote right after the death of Apple’s iconic founder Steve Jobs. Truth be told, Siri has been used as a play-item than a very serious personal assistant. This can be backed by the thousands of memes and the Q&A’s people have done with siri.

Siri is extremely smart and is pre-programmed for a lot of obvious questions. This is more of an entertainment factor than anything else.

That was our list of all the personal assistants, real and reel. Do you have any suggestions? Hit us in the comments below!

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