20 Best Subreddits That Are Worth Subscribing On Reddit

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If you have been using Reddit regularly, you know why people love it. You get the latest content of the internet on Reddit. Programmers, meme makers, content writers, editors, gamers etc. often post or test their content on Reddit. If you have recently signed up for this website/app, then you must be feeling confused about what and whom to subscribe. There are a plethora of subreddits or as the beginners would call them Reddit channels that can be followed to make your day entertaining or knowledgeable. So, we are presenting you the list of some best subreddits here that you can subscribe without any second thoughts.

Best Subreddits To Subscribe On Reddit

1. AskRedditBest subreddit - AskReddit

AskReddit is one of the most popular subreddits on this platform. It is internet geeks’ favorite place to go for enlightenment. Sometimes you may find many serious and useful answers here, while most of the times people post sarcastic but fitting replies to the questions.

Link: AskReddit

Lots of experts and specialists and sometimes celebs also come to answer queries about different topics on a separate subreddit – IAmA.

If you want to see answers for questions related to some specific field, there are lots of dedicated subreddits like askscienceAskHistorians, etc

2. me_irl

If you spend most of your time on the internet by scrolling through memes and still not satisfied then this is the perfect place for you. You will find latest hilarious memes and their funniest follow-ups here. Lots of stuff posted here will be tough to get if you don’t follow memes regularly.

Link: me_irl

If you have some funny ideas for memes then you can easily create memes yourselves.

3. LifeProTips

This is a very interesting subreddit to learn very basic things in life. Tips given here can be very useful at times and might enhance your way of living. You can get tips related to daily habits, emergency, pets, hobbies, food, studies, internet etc.

Link: LifeProTips

4. Showerthoughts

reddit funny -showerthoughts

We think a lot of stuff when we take a shower, mostly weird stuff. I mostly think of me thinking not to think anything. Normally ‘shower thoughts’ is a metaphor for thoughts and quotes that are way too different from usual talks. This is one of the funniest subreddit where you can write and read everything that you find unusual in the humanity.

Link: Showerthoughts


Epic fails and stunts subreddit

You say ‘Hold my b*er’ and then you do something legendary or utterly foolish. In this subreddit, you’ll find Videos and GIFs of some epic fails or things done in better a way than a pro. The content here mostly surprises and makes you laugh at times.

Link: holdmyb*er

6. Futurology

Best subreddit for technology- futurology


Futurology is a popular subreddit, best suited for technology geeks. People find useless information on the internet in the name of technology and all. But on futurology, Redditors update the most interesting and not much-known facts, news, progress and achievements related to space, AI, unbelievable gadgets etc.

Link: Futurology

7. Gameofthrones

Reddit - Gameofthrones

GOT fans including me believe that this T.V series is one of the best things that happened to humankind. More than a million fans have subscribed to this subreddit. Here Redditors share fanart, posters, memes, trivia and questions related to Game of Thrones.

Link: gameofthrones

8. GetMotivated

Someone has rightly said that ‘Motivation is like Bathing, You need it daily’. There are days when you feel exhausted and start cursing yourself. GetMotivated is the best subreddit on Reddit for motivational pictures and videos, quotes and whatnot.

Link: GetMotivated

9. Not the ONION

reddit funny news - Nottheonion

This a platform where Redditors post real news from around the globe which are hard to believe and funny. Mind you, the Onion is a popular website that posts fake news for humor and this subreddit is named ‘nottheonion’ to state that the news here is not fake. The comments on the news are also too hilarious at times.

Link: nottheonion

10. aww

Top subreddit for cute pics - aww

Tired of going through all BS on the internet? If you are a too softhearted person then this can be a reason for checking Reddit. You’ll find very cute pictures of babies, dogs, kittens and sometimes very weird animals.

Link: aww

11. Cinemagraphs

Best subreddit for pictures and cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are like a GIF image but not completely GIF. It is a photograph which has some part continuously in motion like a video and other parts just still. It plays continuously without stopping and poses as a video.  People post really creative Cinemagraphs here which are candy to the eyes.

Link: Cinemagraphs

12. Nonononoyes

It is a subreddit where people post GIFs and videos of things that start badly but the ending is all right and satisfying. You will see stunts, mistakes, accidents etc. where sometimes people or animals escape from death like situations.

Link: nonononoyes

13. TrueFilm

I am a big fan of Hollywood films, especially art ones. Often when you see movies, you badly want to discuss it or most of the times any particular scene from that movie. TrueFilm is a good platform for discussion regarding best or confusing movies or their scenes. Sometimes you can even know more side of the story that you didn’t think or notice.

Link: TrueFilm

14. WritingPrompts

WritingPrompts is the best subreddit that can definitely help you grow as a writer. It has more than 12 million subscribers and still, this is a very serious place, unlike other subreddits where you’ll see mostly funny comments. Redditors post topics or news from which a story, poem, quotes, letters can be made and posted as the replies. The topics can be about anything under the sun like environment, humans, feelings to science and robots.

Link: WritingPrompts

15. InternetIsBeautiful

On this subreddit, you will find information about awesome websites, software, online tools etc. Very less content is posted here but whatever you see can be completely new to you. This is the best source from where you can know about most unique web services.

Link: InternetIsBeautiful

16. photoshopbattles

funny photoshop subreddit -photoshopbattles

If we talk about the humorous content, then this is one of the most followed subreddits. The concept here is that people post any picture that they think can be morphed. Then anyone can photoshop it in a funny way and then in replies, they post a link to the edited image on ‘imgur‘. Reddit doesn’t allow its users to post pictures in the replies so the images are posted on an app/website ‘imgur’.

Link: photoshopbattles

17. nosleep

No matter how much you get scared of horror stories, but you have to agree that they are entertaining for sure. Redditors post original stories here and they can be true at times. You can also participate in the contest organized almost every month.

Link: nosleep

18. RoastMe

One of the best behavior to inculcate inside you is to take insults about yourself and just laugh along. If you are such person, then you will find this subreddit too hilarious. People post their photos here holding a card or note with ‘r/RoastMe’ written over it. You will find funniest insults and way mean things in the replies. And yes this is a place for if you are a wicked human who likes to laugh at others. I am that guy too but I would recommend laughing at yourself first.

Link: RoastMe

19. Cooking

cooking subreddit - Reddit

Do we have fans of cooking in the house? Give me a cheerful recipe. So, this is the best subreddit if you really want to learn from experts or just common households from around the globe. This subreddit is relatively less known as compared to the similar one ‘food‘ where people mostly post what they are eating. But if you want to grow your hobby of cooking and surprise your stomach with some new dishes then this is the place for you.

Link: Cooking

20. DIY

This subreddit is heaven for DIY enthusiasts. You’ll get latest ideas for your craft from very creative people around the world. You can even ask if you have questions regarding any life hack and someone can answer that.

Link: DIY

Reddit is called the homepage of the internet as you will find unique and interesting things here daily. Most of the content on Reddit is funny and you get addicted too soon. So, these were some of the most liked and best subreddits on Reddit. Share this list with your friends, and if we forgot to mention your favorite subreddit on the list, do let us know.

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