5 Best Short News Apps for Android and iPhone

Last Updated: September 26, 2018

Day in and day out people are engaged in occupations and jobs that keep their attention occupied and leave them with very little time to be actually aware of the happening in and around the world. People are running into jobs & work and committing themselves to reading a newspaper or sitting in front of the TV to gather the news is a daunting task these days. Thus technology has stepped in to play a crucial role in bridging this information gap. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we look at the world and this has shown its impact in the world of news viewership as well.  Here is a list of the top 5 short news apps for Android and iPhone available for users where they can see the short and crisp news to save time.

Top 5 Short News Apps to Save Time

1) Inshorts

top short news apps for iphone and android - inshorts

Inshorts is one of the most popular short news apps which is available on the Android platform. as well as on iOS This amazing app is a dedicated news reading app where the user can actually read the news in short form headline. The whole article is reduced to a few lines so that it will be easy for the reader to understand the whole news in minimum words possible. It is a perfect stay informed application which is perfectly suitable for those who wish to remain informed by few lines only.


  • The app cuts the article into smaller bite size news items. Saves the time of the reader. Categories are distinct and broadly designed for maximum coverage.


  • At a time you can see only one news. To see other news, you need to flip the current one.

The app is free and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store or Android App Store and iTunes store using the link given below.

Link: Android/iOS

2) Google News

best short news apps for android and ios -google news app

One of the best ways to view news on the go is simply viewing it on the Google News app which is available for free. It offers simple swipe access to categories such as Top Stories. Google News is a perfect stop point for those who desire to look into the headlines and not more. What’s best is it? Google News covers almost all the major news providers and covers national, international and regional news feeds. Not only this, it will keep you updated with climate and weather news.


  • The app updates every hour with the latest info. Contains short well as the full news article. Very popular with Coverage from 75,000 publications. Categories are huge and cover all mot everything.


  • Have no set criteria of news importance.

Link: Android/iOS

3) Pocket

apps for short and crip news - pocket

Pocket is a great news and article reading app which customizes the article content into headlines and bites so that the reader can look and save absolutely anything you come across on your smartphone or desktop computer to come back later to read. The app allows offline reading as well so this can help the user to read later without the internet connection.


  • Lets users save the news article for later reading. Also, helps to save videos


  • The overall look and presentation may not suit everyone’s liking.

Link: Android/iOS

4) Newsy

apps to show summary of news - newsy

Newsy is one of the best short news apps available for Android as well as for iOS platform. It is one of the most trusted and viewed news app in the US and is known for being a great platform for reading news in forms of videos news network that actually produces short-form videos and news pieces providing a brief of the news item and covering all important facts and figures about the same. It has a large category of news sections including national, international, science and health, entertainment, technology, business, and sports.  These news items are dedicatedly researched and only then presented in video form making the news far more reliable.


  • Presents news in videos for easy understanding. Videos contain graphics as well which make news viewing all the more fun.


  • Videos may take time to buffer over a slow net connection.

Link: Android/iOS

5) Yahoo News Digest

apps for short news and summary -news digest

Yahoo News Digest is a perfect app for filtered and to the point news items which the users can read as short news points and full articles as well. It utilizes the huge source base and updates the news items twice a day. The news items are called Atoms. Atoms are basically quotes, images, videos, Wikipedia entries, and all other aspects of the news.  Stories are put together as single liners from where the entire article can be read and analyzed and can even be offline for later reading.


  • Yahoo News Digest’s has a beautiful layout which allows swipes and scrolls smoothly. Categories are large type and color-coded like Sports & Entertainment which allow higher readability. With Yahoo News Digest you will find all the important news summary covered.


  • Sometimes the digest doesn’t refresh automatically, in that case, you have to do it manually.

Link: Android/iOS

These apps are a wonderful way of reading news in the busy schedules and make lives much easier. Now you don’t have to follow the apps that show long news to get the information. All you need to have is these news apps to have a great reading experience that would definitely amaze you.

Overall these best apps are for short news on the internet and are easy to download and use. Do let us know which app you find the best.


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