7 Best Shopify Alternatives To Build E-commerce Website

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If you are looking to start your own e-commerce website or an online store then you have landed at the right place. You may have heard about Shopify which, to be honest, is one of the best platforms out there. But when talking about themes customizations and pricing of the services, there are other websites which can offer more. Don’t get me wrong, Shopify certainly can’t be replaced. But there’s no harm in trying something different. Especially if you haven’t paid for anyone as of now. So, check out these best Shopify alternatives and may be, you will find what you are looking for.

Sites Like Shopify To Start Your Own Online Store

1. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop landing page

Shift4Shop is similar to Shopify in the sense that both are hosted e-commerce platforms including a wide range of features for building, managing, and growing an online store. But Shift4Shop actually has many more built-in features, which solves one of the major problems people have with Shopify (needing to pay extra for apps). Shift4Shop’s built-in tools include everything you need for inventory management, marketing, payments and shipping, and even customer relationship software.

Shift4Shop’s web design is also very easy, with a large and growing selection of modern templates that can all be fully customized, all of which are free. Beginners can use simple editing tools while advanced users can edit the HTML and CSS directly. As for pricing, Shift4Shop doesn’t offer a free trial like Shopify, but they do offer a completely free, unlimited plan if you use Shift4 Payments for your credit card processing. Over 160 alternate payment methods are also available and many can be used alongside Shift4 on the free plan.


2. BigCommerce


Their pricing plan is quite similar to Shopify. BigCommerce is a powerful tool which can be used to build a perfect e-commerce website. They provide highly responsive themes and templates which were specifically designed for online stores only. Additionally, they also offer Akamai image manager which will optimize images for browsers as well as mobile devices without any extra cost.

Using Bigcommerce, owners can manage all the processing and fulfill orders from a single location. And you can take advantage of their inventory syncing feature through which you can boost your sales from Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, and many more; a feature that certainly lacks in Shopify.


3. WooCommerce


This is a free and open source WordPress plugin which can be installed to sell anything online. And by anything, I mean literally anything which includes physical as well as digital products along with secure payments and tax collection. But in order to use this plugin, you will need a Woocommerce compatible theme first. The best part about this plugin is that you don’t need any knowledge related to coding.

Coming to features, you can display product ratings and reviews, attach tags and categories to provide structure to the products, sort or filter products on the basis of price and popularity, manage customers and their orders, shipping options, and many more.


4. BigCartel


This website is especially for Artists who want to sell their work online. You can use their service for free to add up to 5 products initially with only 1 image per product. I am sure if you are starting your online store then you are going to need much more than that. So, their starting plan will cost you around $9.99 per month.

It provides Google Analytics integration with the help of which you will be able to figure out where your audience is coming from. You can select shipment rates according to its destination. And in case of any confusion or an issue, you can easily contact their customer support via chat or email.


5. Payever


They provide solutions for establishing an online business from scratch. You can easily use their services on the desktop for managing everything from a single location. Owners can start selling their products on so many channels like Facebook, Shopify, Magneto, and other e-commerce platforms.

Initially, owners can use Payever for free but only for a limited time. And talking about payment from the customers, they can use installments, cards (debit and credit), generate invoices and even cash. The only drawback they have is their customer support which is only available from Monday to Friday.


6. Shopnix

Shopnix - Shopify alternatives India

This is an Indian alternative to Shopify. Here, the owners will get everything related to the online store including store manager, email framework, marketing tools, customer management, shipping, and many more. The best feature about Shopnix is their inbuilt SEO with the help of which, you can attract more customers to your website, therefore, increasing sales as well as your business.


7. Volusion

Volusion - Shopify alternatives for drop shipping

If you have used Shopify then you might have heard about Volusion. They both are similar in so many ways including pricing, drop shipping, and 14 days free trial. Apart from that, it has more themes which can be customized in a much better way as compared to Shopify.

Volusion provides the feature of adding products with rich text description with the help of a single click. And just like Shopnix, they also offer inbuilt SEO. Additionally, they also have a management system through which, processing and fulfilling orders can be done quickly.



All these best alternatives to Shopify can be initially used for free till their free trial period. But once finished, you will have to either invest or switch to a different service. And to be honest, you won’t be able to find a free Shopify alternative with similar features, there’s a reason behind their pricing which if used correctly can prove to be very efficient.

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