13 Best Samsung Accessories For Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is really taking the Android smartphone experience to the next level. Devices like the Galaxy S8, S9, the Galaxy Note 8 and the newly launched Note 9 are the game changers. These devices not only presented new a kind of viewing experience with the Infinity display but also new, upgraded and fast hardware specifications. All this packed in a sleek and beautiful body which looks as good as it works. Now, not only Samsung has made these powerful devices but some other accessories that you can use with them.

These Samsung accessories will enhance the usage of your device. And who knows, they may also be very useful for you. There are various accessories ranging for different kind of Samsung devices. But here we have mentioned some cool accessories that are compatible with all the new generation and most Galaxy series devices. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at the best Samsung accessories that you can buy for your Galaxy smartphones.

1. Wireless Charger Duo

Wireless Charger Duo - Samsung Accessories for Galaxy Smartphones

As it is one of the great features of the Galaxy devices that it supports wireless charging, the first item on the list is Wireless Charger Duo. As the name suggests it is a wireless charger where you get two charging stations. This means you can charge two devices at once.

It can even charge some of the selected Galaxy smartwatches like the Gear S3, Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch. And the best part, it supports fast charging as well for both of the stations. You can keep your phone either in portrait or landscape positions, it will charge the device anyhow. If you want you can also charge other devices with Qi-charging compatibility.

Price: $ 108

Buy From: Amazon

2. Micro USB & USB-C Combo Cable

Micro USB and USB-C Combo Cable

This next item in the list is very useful. If you have a Galaxy device, plus own any other Android smartphone then you will definitely find the Combo Cable worthy of its price. This cable has an option to be used with the devices having different connecting outputs. Whether it’s a C-type connection or the old Micro USB. And it also supports fast charging with the dedicated wall unit.

One end of the cable has the usual USB port while the other end has a Micro USB output. With the Micro USB output, they have given a USB Type-C adapter which can be used if required. The adapter is attached to the cable so it becomes easier to carry without fear of losing it. This one is really a nice product and I definitely recommend it if you are thinking of buying it.

Price: $ 19.99

Buy From: Samsung

3. Adaptive Fast Charging Dual-Port Vehicle Charger

Adaptive Fast Charging Dual-Port Vehicle Charger

If you are mostly on the road in a car then charging the Galaxy device can be time-consuming. Though the car supports charging various devices, the speed is very slow. And owning a Samsung Galaxy like the S6, S7, S8, S9 and later models means the person is used to its fast charging ability.

Well, this is where this device comes to get you out of it. It is like any other ordinary car charger, but with this, you can charge your device faster like its connected to an electrical outlet. It will charge your device up to 50% in around 30 minutes. In addition to this, it has a dual port which means you can charge two devices simultaneously. It is one of the best Samsung accessories for your Galaxy phone and really worth the money.

Price: $ 15.96

Buy From: Amazon

4. Fast Charger Portable

Best Samsung Accessories - Fast Charger Portable

This is a power bank or a portable charger with which you can charge your Galaxy devices. There are many other portable chargers but what makes it interesting is it supports fast changing. You can charge your device to 100 percent twice. It has a battery with a capacity of 5100 mAh.

To charge this portable charger, they have given a Type-C port. Unlike other portable chargers, it has bar level LED indicator which looks really classy rather than the old-school LED dots. If you buy this power bank then you will also get a micro USB & USB-C Combo Cable in the box.

Price: $ 59.99

Buy From: Samsung

5. Dex Pad

Dex Pad

This is no doubt one of the best Samsung accessories that will let you have a whole new experience with your Galaxy device. You can use your Galaxy S8 and all the later models with this Dex Pad. This Dex Pad will convert your device into a PC. All you have to do is connect your device into the Dex and plug Dex into a desktop or Smart TV via the HDMI cable. There are ports at the back for connecting the external keyboard, mouse, the HDMI and charging cable.

While Samsung has already one previous Dex Station, it was not that much portable. The major difference between the Dex station and the Dex Pad is its design. And earlier the Dex Station had an ethernet connection while the new Dex Pad is missing it. In spite of this, the new Samsung Dex Pad is better as it gives a new user experience and supports 4K display output. The good thing here is that, when a device is connected to the Dex Pad, it can then be used as a trackpad to control the mouse pointer on the desktop.

Price: $ 69.99

Buy From: Amazon

6. Dex Cable

Dex Cable

Well, this is a small and perfect alternative for the above given Dex Pad. If you do not want to carry any hard case Dex than you can go for the Dex cable. The working of this cable is just as same as the above gadget. It has a Type-C connection at one end and the HDMI output in the other. It will let you connect your Galaxy device with any desktop or monitor with the HDMI cable. After connecting the cable you can choose whether to use it as a normal HDMI showing your device activity on the screen or run it as a Dex.

Price: $ 41.99

Buy From: Amazon

7. Multi-Port USB-C Adapter

Multi-Port USB-C Adapter

Another quick solution to get multiple connections for your Galaxy devices. With Multi-port USB C adapter you will get an HDMI connection, USB 3.0  port, and an Ethernet port. Connect to a wired internet quickly for a more reliable connection. It supports up to 4K UHD display output for any connected HDMI desktops. The multi-port adapter has one USB Type-C charging port. This means you can charge your device while working or using this adapter. Not like the above Dex cable, but will help you do almost the same thing.

Price: $ 89.99

Buy From: Samsung

8. Samsung U-Flex

Samsung U-Flex

If you are a music lover like me then the next three Samsung accessories are for you. First, we have a wireless Bluetooth earphone, the Samsung U-Flex. It is a collar based earphones with built-in mic for calling. The U-Flex is light in weight and the collar is really flexible.

The sound of this device has some great bass and balanced vocals. Unfortunately, they haven’t provided with the Type-C charging port, you’ll get the old micro USB type charging. You can connect up to two devices at once with this earphone. The battery of this Samsung U-Flex will last around 7 hrs of decent usage.

There are physical buttons for taking the calls and controlling the volume up or down which can also be used to skip the tracks. On the other side, there is a feature button which can be used to wake up Bixby. You can also set other preferences for that button via the Samsung Level app.

Price: $ 44.10

Buy From: Amazon

9. Gear IconX

Gear IconX

One of the most awesome Samsung accessories and another wonderful pair of wireless earphones. The Gear IconX is what wireless headphones really should be, completely wireless. You will get a pair of earphones which can be charged and carried in a capsule-shaped box. This box is charged via the given micro USB cable. It takes about an hour to fully charge the capsule.

You can charge your earphones up to 2-3 times on a single charge of the capsule. The earphones, on the other hand, takes 20-30 minutes to charge fully. Once the capsule or the earphones are fully charged, the red LED light, one on the back and two in the front will turn green. The headphones will last around 4-5 hrs with the Bluetooth connection.

Furthermore, you will get touch or gesture control on both the panels of the earphones. It also has a heart rate sensor, can track and record your workouts. Some most unique features of Gear IconX includes Ambient sound mode and it can also be used without any smartphones. It has its own 4 GB internal storage in which you can store songs and listen to them without connecting to any device. If you use it solely then it can last up to 5-6 hrs.

Price: $ 131.00

Buy From: Amazon

10. AKG Wireless Y500

AKG Wireless Y500 - best accessories for galaxy devices

If you are not into earphones and prefer headphones then don’t worry we got you covered. As Samsung is providing the AKG in-box headphones for the Galaxy series we bring you the AKG Wireless Y500  on-ear headphones. This is best in its class headphone which packs some cool features just like the other Samsung accessories on the list.

The outer part of the headphone is made of metal and inside is a soft cushion. You will get volume and play/pause button on one side with a 3.5MM jack slot. On the other side, you will get the power button, micro USB charging output, and an Ambient sound button. The strap is adjustable so fitting won’t be an issue.

Now about the features, it will play or pause the song automatically once they are removed from the ears. Very handy for these kinds of headphones. The battery life is great with a fast charging support. On a full charge, they can last for almost 33 hours. It also supports fast quick charging. Just a 5-minute charge will give it up to an hour of usage. You can connect two devices at once and even use it with a 3.5mm AKG AUX.

Price: $ 149.95

Buy From: Amazon

11. Gear 360

Best camera accessory for Samsung Galaxy - Gear 360

Samsung accessories are very interesting, out of the box and unique like the Gear 360. It’s an external camera that does what it says. Capture 360-degree photos and videos. You can connect it via your Galaxy device to control or see the video of this camera. It supports 4K recording and is easy to use, hold and carry. There is a micro SD card slot which is expandable up to 256 GB and it is water and dust resistant. This device will let you shoot videos up to 130 minutes in a single charge. You can share the photos and videos that you made with the Gear 360 to social media or enjoy it with the VR.

Price: $ 114.95

Buy From: Amazon

12. Gear VR With Controller

Gear VR with Controller

Get ready to visit the new world of the Gear VR. This VR, when connected with your Galaxy devices, will take you in the world of virtual reality. You can watch videos in theater mode, play games like you are in it, and travel to various places just like you are standing there. It will let you have a view of all the directions and perspective, except walking. You can even see the moon and how earth looks from above.

The additional remote will let you interact with the VR and the Oculus menu. Oculus provides the VR applications videos and games for the Galaxy devices. The controller can also be used to play games. Apart from this, you can watch the photos or videos shot by the Gear 360 camera. It will seem like you got transformed back to the point where you captured that view. If you want to explore more then you can see 360-degree video from YouTube or the Oculus store.

Price: $ 95.14

Buy From: Amazon

13. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch - cool galaxy accessories

This is one of the best Samsung accessories and the best companion for your Galaxy devices; the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It looks classy on the hand and has customizable clock faces. You can download new clock faces and use it in the watch. This has a touch-based interface with Samsung’s signature rotating bezels that will help you to use the watch and navigate between apps.

You can connect your Galaxy device and have all the notifications, calls, emails and messages right on your wrist. It allows taking a call and talking directly from the watch without touching or even having your phone. This watch can also track your heart rate, workout activity has a GPS navigation and is water & dust resistance. This has a battery life of about 2-4 days depending on the usage.

Price: $ 349.99

Buy From: Amazon

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Best Samsung Accessories For Galaxy Smartphones You Can Buy

All these Samsung accessories are unique and each of them will give you a new experience. While most of the accessories are limited to be used with the Galaxy devices, some of them are universal. You can use those accessories which work with a Bluetooth connection like the Gear IconX, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung U-Flex, AKG headphones with almost any devices whether Android or iOS. From this list, my personal favorites are the Gear IconX, Gear VR, Gear 360 and the Galaxy Watch. Hope you enjoy them and do let us know which one are you planning to buy.

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