Best root apps for Android Device

Rooting an Android device has many benefits and take your Android device to a whole new level making you a Superuser . And who is aware about the pros of rooting an Android device, will definitely go for rooting. In one of our article we have explained what are 5 reasons to root Android device. In this article I will list out all the best root apps that will make you experience a new level on your rooted Android device. Some of them will be free and some will be paid.

Best Root Apps for Android Device


This is one of the rooted app that will increase your Android device battery life. It’s been said that after the installation of Greenify, the battery life increases by 3-4 hours. It increases battery life by tracking the status of running apps and then giving you the option to hibernate the background apps preventing from draining the battery.

Disk Digger

Now comes the app which almost every user will love. As it’s name is disk digger, it will digg into your Android device memory and will revocer the deleted data. Suppose if you have reformatted your memory card and lost your photos, then Disk Digger will get them back for you.


SuperSu will give you Super user experience by providing you rights for all the apps that needs root. It’s packed with lots of features, some of them are: superuser access prompt, logging and notification and other great features in free version. In paid version, you will get pre-app logging configuration, PIN protection, pre-app user override and many others.

Titanium Backup

Another root app that is considered as the best app for backups. One of the amazing feature of this app is that it will automatically take the backup of your Android device even if you forgot to take. With this app you can make other apps freeze, means they will remain installed on your device but prevents them from running. It will take backup of every byte of data on your device.

System App Remover

This app will do something which you were not able to do before your Android device was not rooted. With this app you will be able to remove all the system apps (comes pre-installed with the device) which you have never used. So why to keep such system apps when you have app like System App Remover.

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All the above apps are the best root apps for Android and will work with the rooted device. These apps will do something on your Android device which you were not able to do earlier. Hope you liked the article, if you have some other root apps experience to share, please do share with us via comments.


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