Best Productivity Android Apps of 2016

3 hours and 5 minutes, this is the average amount of time everyone spends per day on their smartphone. As the number of channels for entertainment are increasing drastically the chances of getting distracted from our actual work is high.

Here is the list of best productivity apps for Android users in 2016 which helps to save time on mundane tasks and increase your productivity.

5 Best Productivity Android Apps


Evernote ​is the best app for cross-­platform note sharing activity. It allows user to save pdf, articles from any website , photos, videos and organize it neatly. Note sharing is really useful for anyone who wants to share their notes with co-workers and friends to make everyone on same page in task. Even though most of the basic features are available for free user, paid users have more advantage with the platform.

best productivity android apps - evernote


Well planned is half done

If you are a kind of person who loves listing down tasks to be completed. Then ​Todoist​ Android application helps you to organize list nicely and remind you timely to get things done. Similar to Evernote, Todoist also has great platform with note sharing options and sync with every device  seamlessly.

best productivity android apps - todoist


IF by IFTTT  (I​f  ​T​his ​Then​ T​hat). As its name stands, IF helps to connect two different applications or service on a common parameter. For example, lets say you are heavy Instagram user. So whenever you upload a photo on Instagram, you can use IF to save the Instagram photos in Dropbox account automatically.

best productivity android apps - IF

You can easily automate this task using IF by specifying “This” and “That” in  equation.


Have you ever felt guilty for using smartphone more than it should be?. If you have answered ‘yes’ then ​Forest​ is your saviour. Forest application helps you to put down phone and focus on work that matters, whenever you want to focus on actual work without getting distracted. Open the app and plant a tree. Based  upon the time limit set by you, the tree will grow. If you leave the app before time, then the tree will be killed.

best productivity android apps - forest

Based on your mood you can set the time period. It really helps to get more work done than you  think.

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Let’s face it, no one takes blunt knife to war. Same applies to our brain. Unless your brain does daily workout it’s unfair to expect high quality work. Lumosity act as gym for your brain. Brain training games from Lumosity helps to make your mind sharper and smarter with their  scientifically proven daily workouts.  

Best way to get maximum from this application is start your day with brain games and play when your energy level gets down during the day.

best productivity android apps - lumosity

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Though we have covered only 5 best productivity apps for Android users. We would love to hear your experience with any other app, do share with us via comments.


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