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According to a survey conducted by the Center of Academic Integrity’s in June 2005, 40% of students admitted in engaging with plagiarism as compared to 10% back in 1999. Plagiarism is an act of self-destruction and will simply hinder and individuals learning. Especially, online plagiarism has increased at an alarming rate with the use of the Internet. So why don’t use the Internet for detecting, avoiding and destructing plagiarism? The answer is Plagramme.

Plagramme is one such tool which uses top-notch technology to give you the best features to take down plagiarism. So what all does plagramme offer?


Plagramme is a multilingual, professional and an online tool. It is easy to use and is efficient with its work. It is perfect for students, corporate, educational institutions.etc.

Salient Features:

  • Sophisticated scoring system– When it comes to any plagiarism tool, the most important thing is how the tool is analyzing the content. Plagramme uses advance analyzing features like similarity score, plagiarism risk score, paraphrasing, bad citations and matches.
  • Highlighted matches– Highlighting content is an important part. Plagiarised content is highlighted for easy review and correction.
  • Viewable sources– Plagramme tool will find out the sources from where the content is being referred or copied. Its checker displays links to the sources which will further help you to improve the content.
  • Paraphrase detection– Detecting plagiarism is not only to detect similar content copied in similar style but it is also about detecting content which has been copied but is not pasted in the similar style. Yes, Plagramme detects paraphrased plagiarism too.
  • Bad citation– Plagramme detects bad citations too. The citations which are good will be marked in green. The others shall be marked purple. This surely avoids any unpleasant consequences.
  • Multilingual detection– Numerous languages are spoken in this world and Plagramme is proud to be multilingual. If the document is written in several languages, Plagramme will take care of it. It is capable of detecting plagiarism in many languages. This makes Plagramme a perfect tool and is recognized globally.
  • Online– If you are not online, you are not in line with this world. Everything is online as so is Plagramme! Your documents can be edited online. This saves your re-submission fees. Not only this, but your original layout and formatting is maintained.
  • Upload anywhere-Upload anywhere is a feature which gives ease of access. Documents can be uploaded anytime and anywhere from any website.

Highly Advanced Features

  • Big data access– Plagramme is big and so is its scope. The document is checked against 14 trillion websites, articles, books, journals and periodicals. Now this data is growing every day and Plagramme doesn’t leave any of it unchecked.
  • Original format preserved– The original format of your document is well preserved, whether it’s the document format or pictures, everything is taken care of.
  • Free options-Plagramme is paid but some of the features are free. This includes free plagiarism checking for any document.

How Plagramme is different from other plagiarism checkers:

The internet is huge and there are numerous plagiarism tools available online. Then why is Plagramme identified as a national plagiarism detection system in many countries? What makes it different from the others?

  • Uniqueness – Most of the features which are mentioned above is unique. No other plagiarism tool provides all these features together in one single tool. Features like multilingual, paraphrase detection etc. are simply unique.
  • Safety – Users upload their documents, their original work and other submitted documents online, so it is Plagramme which takes utmost care that these are safe. Your document is safe once uploaded as Plagramme doesn’t add it to any database. It uses SSL browsing security.
  • Accuracy -Plagramme is known for its accuracy and efficiency. Aspects like sophisticated scoring system are a proof about how accurate Plagramme is.
  • Ease of access – It doesn’t matter if you are having a technical or non-technical background. Plagramme has been developed in such a way that it can easily be used by a business man, school teacher, and programmer.etc. The GUI is user friendly.


Plagiarism has always been a problem for students/schools/organisations.etc. It doesn’t have any advantages. It only makes your work easier for a very short period of time with ill-effects like destroyed academic reputation, legal repercussions, monetary repercussions and plagiarized research. Anyhow it should be avoided and Plagramme is well known for it.

Plagramme is a complete package of accuracy, security, efficiency, easy accessibility and good experience.

 So stop plagiarism, start

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