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Long gone are the days when you have to look up for your area of academia you want to dive in and search for the tuitions where you can get your hands on experience. With the advancement of the online world and subsequent increase in adoption of online courses, a huge population of the world is taking advantage of professional courses provided online to stand on their feet at their convenience. These courses make you industry ready with their highly professional training courses and assignments that bridges the gap between a real and virtual training environment.

Career Academy Online Courses

One significant example of such an online professional course provider is CareerAcademy. It is a global leading online course content provider. With their highly professional courses in the areas like Project Management, IT Networking, Business Skills and Cyber Security, with live mentoring and real-LIVE practice lab, CareerAcademyis ready for you to take a course and become an expert without paying heavily and truly at your convenience. With over 16 years of provision of high quality professional online certification programs, has announced its Online Learning Membership program. This program is in association with American Business and Technology University, a nationally accredited online university.

Best Online Courses, Training and Certification

For only $29 a year you can get unlimited FREE access to all of the course content which includes 1,100+ IT and Business Skills courses to propel your interest in the domain. For every course completed, a recognized certificate of completion from American Business and Technology University will be issued. As a PMI Global registered education provider, students can earn up to 257 professional development units (PDUs) and up to 30 college credits to foster their professional development and show off their certificates that today’s jobs require.

The website and the course content are pretty easy to navigate through and with constant review quizzes along with short video lectures including theory and hands-on experience together makes going through the course even interesting. These courses will not bore you as you might have experienced in a vast majority of the online video course providers if you happen to be an online learner.

Samson Chu, CEO of CareerAcademy elaborated on the main motivation behind the Unlimited Access Learning Membership saying that this program will allow the general public to gain access to highly professional career-focused training without the skyrocketing costs of the professional education which demands hundreds or thousands of dollars. This main hurdle in acquiring the skills needed in today’s economy will be removed and will allow a lot of learners to gain access to course materials that other high money demanding institutes and universities provide.

These 1,100+ highly professional video courses are divided into four categories or domains. CareerAcademy provides 116 Project Management courses, 335 IT Networking courses, 419 Business Skills courses and 262 Cyber Security courses. The courseware for Mile2 cybersecurity certification courses has been endorsed by the National Security Agency or NSA. Other partners include Microsoft Partner Network, Project Management Institute, Logical Operations and so on.

Referral Program

With CareerAcademy’s Member Referral program, hundreds of new members from around the world are taking advantage and are signing up each day. The referral program allows you to invite people and become members. The program allows you to bag $10 for each member who signs up and completes their membership signup process. You can also earn $50 for every 10 signups you refer in a calendar month. That is about $150 ($10 for each member and $50 for 10 signups in a month) in a month for 10 signups or $300 in two months for 20 member signups and so on. There’s no limit on how much you can earn while learning.


CareerAcademy is allowing us to receive an online platform to gain game-changing skills for a sum of money that hardly lasts for a week. With the certifications and industry ready knowledge and the referral programs provided at such low costs, CareerAcademy is taking online learning on a whole new level.

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