7 Best Migraine Apps To Treat Headaches

Are you suffering from a migraine? Well, it can be one of the most irritating conditions ever. It is not a regular headache, but a complex brain condition where the patient suffers from a various range of symptoms. There are applications available for almost everything and migraine is no different. With such apps, you can keep a check on the migraines, its symptoms, and what things triggers it. It can be due to stress, food, certain habits or any other reasons. This way you can keep a healthy routine and avoid things that lead to migraine attacks. So without any delay, let’s start with the list of best migraine apps available for Android and iPhone that you can download for free.

Best Apps For Migraines

1. Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy - migraine tracker

With Migraine buddy, you can select the objective or the goal you are looking to reach by using this app. It will let you identify triggers, find reliefs for your symptoms or let you understand your migraine little better so that you can communicate with your doctors easily.

This app can also be used as a migraine headache diary to you record your migraine attacks. Then you can analyze the migraines results to get the insight on it. In addition, it will also work as a sleep tracker apps and even add buddies to share each other conditions and wellness updates among each other. You can also use this app to set medication reminders.

Android | iOS

2. Migraine Monitor

best apps for Migraine - Migraine Monitor

Migraine monitor is another dairy app where you can enter and keep a tab on your migraine attacks. You can also add your moods, any medication that you take for the migraine attacks or even record headaches for the same. It has the option to add attacks in real-time or for the previous period in case you were not able to add it at that time. Using all this information, the app will analyze and create reports for all the attacks you have entered.

It will show the period and the intensity of attacks according to days. You can export all these reports in PDF form and even contact healthcare specialist regarding your symptoms or any attacks using this app. It allows adding your own doctor or consult a specialist suggested by them. You can also interact with the community for many suggestions or support.

Android | iOS

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3. Migraine Relief Hypnosis

Migraine Relief Hypnosis app

Using this app, you can reduce your migraine symptoms with the help of audios. The audio consists of soothing voices narrating to hypnotize and provide you with a calm environment. It also consists of binaural beats which are effective to calm the mind and its state so we can relax properly. Use of headphones is insisted while using this app to have a proper session of relief through audio and hypnosis. And you can set voice, background and even boost the hypnotics. For hypnotic boost, you will need to buy the premium plans from this app itself.

Android | iOS

4. Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp

Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp

This is one of the best and free app you can use for a headache. Just like all the apps mentioned in the list, it will also let you record your migraine headaches and keep track of them. You will be able to select from the given conditions of headaches, their severity, pain type, pain position, time or duration, triggers, symptoms, remedies, and medication.

Then you can see the summary of your headaches, and have more details about the headaches; what triggers them and how you can avoid them. This migraine e-diary will help you in recording the attacks and see their severity throughout the month on the calendar. In addition to this, you can also see how well are you resting which helps in reducing migraine effects in some cases.


5. N1 – Headache

N1 - Headache - migraine e-diary

N1 – Headache will help you in keeping records of your migraines and other conditions related to headaches. Initially, it will ask you fill various details regarding your headaches and your personal information. After you are done inputting your personal details, you can start recording the headaches as they start to begin. While adding a headache it will ask various input options.

This helps in making the diary informative for future use. And you can always check any added headaches and the responding symptoms. It lets you add any medication that you might be taking for headaches or any other, migraine-related problem. In addition, you can see the digital reports and even send Personal reports to others via emails from this app itself.


5. Cure Migraine Home Remedies

Cure Migraine Home Remedies - best migraine apps

Well as the name of the app suggests, it consists of remedies and treatments that you can opt for curing migraines at home. It will provide you with the introduction of migraines, its symptoms, and all the natural ingredients like herbs and eatables that will help you in reducing the migraines attacks. You will also know pressure points and a few other techniques for treating migraines. This app may seem to be not that much filled with information, but all the information it has is really useful and will help in maintaining your migraine and reducing it.


7. Relieve Migraine Pain Instantly With Great Massage

Relieve Migraine Pain Instantly With Great Massage

Just like the above application, you can cure migraines using acupressure using this application available for iPhone users. It will introduce acupressure and provide you with the right guidance on how to locate the points. It has 10 Days acupressure routine which you can follow in order to get rid of migraines and its symptoms.

Each day will consist of various pressure points, how to find and massage them. It allows adding a reminder for massages and you can also share any of the given acupressure or massage with your friends or family via social media platforms from this app itself.


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Wrapping Up

These were some of the best migraine apps that will help you in keeping a check on the severity of its attacks, analyze what triggers it and the symptoms. Some of them like Cure Migraine Home Remedies for Android and Relieve Migraine Pain Instantly With Great Massage for iPhone will also let you cure migraines and reduce its symptoms with home remedies and acupressure massage points. Share this article so it can help people who need these kinds of apps and let us know your experiences with them.


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