7 Best Keto Diet Apps For Android And iPhone

A keto or ketogenic diet is a very low carb diet with help of which your body burns fats more efficiently. In this diet, molecules called ketones are produced which are the power source for your brain. During this process, the body burns fat in order to provide energy supply or ketones. This way your body fat reduces much faster than other diets.

Most of the people are following this diet and have a great and positive effect on them, not only physically but mentally also. But what foods are in a keto diet or in how much quantity should one take them? It’s hard to keep track of these things. And for that purpose, we present you with the best keto diet apps for Android and iPhone with which you can get all the knowledge and information of keto diets and even keep track of it.

Best Free Keto Diet Apps

1. Total Keto Diet

Total Keto Diet app - keto diet food recipe

With Total Keto Diet, you will be able to search for recipes as per the categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner dessert etc. that you can eat under the keto diet. It will show you the directions of how to make the recipes and ingredients required in that process. Not only this, you can even track your diet with this app. Simply enter your weight and fat percentage, and the app will recommend the amount of nutrition you should eat in a day under the keto diet plan.

You will need to enter all the foods that you had for a day by selecting from the given list of recipes or adding your own so that the app can track your daily goals easily. In addition, you can make a shopping list for buying various food items and even read news regarding keto diets in the app itself.

Android | iOS

2. Lazy Keto

best keto diet calculator apps - Lazy Keto

This is one of the best keto diet apps on the list that will provide you with the best keto foods and recipes just like the above app. You can browse from the given categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Or even suggest, if you have your own keto recipe that may not be on the list.

Apart from this, it can also be used as a keto diet calculator where you can calculate the percentage of diets with respect to calories, carbs, proteins etc. that you should take. To measure it correctly you will have to provide the given information like your weight, age, height etc. Then it will show you the result of how much you should eat according to the information you provide.


3. Stupid Simple Keto

Stupid Simple Keto - best free keto app

As the name of the app sounds, it is a simple app that will help you in keeping track of the foods you eat under a keto diet. You can set goals for how much weight you are willing to reduce during this diet. This way the app will determine the value of nutrition you can take. Here you will find the list of various foods which you can mark in order to see how much calories you have consumed and how much is left for the day.

It will also show you the progress of your diet, how much you eat for a day and how much closer you are to the goal you have decided. Apart from these, there are some additional features that you can use by purchasing or upgrading to the PRO version of this app.

Android | iOS

4. Carb Manager

best keto diet apps - Carb Manager

Just like all the above apps on the list of best keto diet apps, this one also serves the same purpose. Here you can search for recipes and keep track of your food intake in order to manage your keto diet. It will show the number of nutrients present in the food so that it becomes easy to track your daily macro levels i.e. the levels of proteins, carbs, fats etc. The diet tracker can also be used as a water tracking app and steps measurements app.

It will show information for diets and tracking in more details than compared to any other app on this list. You can also add friends, join groups, community, and challenge other users for accomplishing certain goals. Unfortunately, only the tracking feature of this app is unlocked and to have access over other options like recipes instructions or ketogenic diet Plans you will have to purchase the premium plans.

Android | iOS

5. Keto.app

Keto.app - best app for keto diet plan tracking

This app will let you keep a track of all your food intakes so that you can see whether you are eating the right amount and kinds of foods under the keto diet. Like most of the apps, you will need to provide the measurements for your weight and the goals to reduce it. It will then provide you the macro amount of foods and nutrition you have to take per day in order to reach that goal.

Here you can search the food by its name, provide the value of nutrients manually or scan the barcode of packed foods as input. In addition to all this, you can also have some more information about the keto or ketogenic diet and know about it in the app itself.

Android | iOS

6. Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic Diet

Yet another keto diet app that is suitable for beginners as it will provide information about keto diets, types of meals you can have, exercises you should do and a few more details. This app is simple to use as it only has information that you can read and gain knowledge about keto diets and foods that should be eaten, and how to plan for the diet.


7. Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

Though it’s not that hard to follow the keto diet using all the apps mentioned above. But still to make this process much easier for the people who are new to keto diets we have the ketogenic diet for beginners. Well, this app is for all the newbies and beginners who are looking for a proper guide to follow keto diet plans.

You will get information about the keto diet, things you should eat, benefits, types of keto diets and even take the 4-week plan made especially for beginners. Rest just like other apps it will show you the recipes for categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. that you can select and see its method of preparation accordingly.



With these apps, you can easily determine your plans for a keto diet and even track your eating habits. They will provide recipes and instructions on how to cook it properly as per the diet. Never miss a proper keto diet with these apps. Which one are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below.


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