5 Best Instagram Unfollowers Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

If you have ever tried to grow your Instagram account then you might know about the basic and most successful follow/unfollow technique. That said, not everyone likes being unfollowed like me, so basically I unfollow everyone who unfollows me. However, it’s hard to check who has unfollowed you. No one has that much time to keep a track of unfollowers on a daily basis. That’s why we bring a collection of 5 best Instagram unfollowers tracker apps which will help you in keeping up-to-date with your analytics in 2018.

Best Unfollow Tracker Apps For Instagram In 2018

1. Ig Master

IG Master - Instagram Unfollowers Tracker iOS app

All the Instagrammers struggling to make a good impact have to check this tracking app. Ig Master will provide you with all the information regarding your account.

As soon as you log into the app with your Instagram account, the app will provide you with an overview of your account analytics. You will be able to see the number of people you are following, your followers, the total number of your posts, photos, likes, comments and videos.

You can check the unfollowers in the Lost Followers section.

It will also provide you the data for likes and comments that you have per post on an average whether it’s a photo or a video.

You can see your most popular posts, people who don’t follow you back and the users you are not following back.

Besides all this, there are in-app purchases that you can make in order to use its complete features like the user and media insights.

App Store

2. Unfollowers And Follower Analytics For Instagram

Unfollowers And Follower Analytics For Instagram- Android app

This app is for those who are on Android. With this app, you can log in either with your Instagram account or directly through Facebook which definitely is a good option because not everyone remembers their Instagram credentials.

The app does most of the same analysis as track Unfollowers, followers, your fans and friends like all the other apps but it is way ahead of others in some respects. The feature to follow or unfollow anyone directly from this app is quite handy and saves a lot of time.

There are in-app purchases for premium access for full features. Premium access will allow you to check for Bot accounts and help in cleaning them. Apart from this, it will also enable follower statistical data, profile engagement rates and show the best practice of posting.

Play Store

3. Unfollowers On Instagram

Best unfollow tracker apps for Instagram - iOS

With the help of this app, you will be able to analyze your account info and track your unfollowers in Recent unfollowers. It does everything that the above app does but it has made its place on the list due to two of its features.

The first feature is its secure login. Like every other app, it also requires a login from Instagram but to make sure that the person logging in is you it will provide you with a verification code which you have to enter for a successful login. You will get to choose whether you would like to receive the code through an e-mail or on your mobile number registered with Instagram.

The second feature is quite useful to check the statistics without opening the app. The widget will allow you to see the latest feeds, your favorite profiles posts, and the trending hashtags right from the notification panel itself. To enable it, tap on the menu option on the top left of the screen where you will see Widget. Select it and choose the layout of the widget.

These two features make it one of the best Instagram unfollowers tracker apps for iPhone users.

In addition to these, there are in-app purchases that you can make to utilize all of its features like managing multiple accounts, checking your Interactor and your top posts and its pieces of information.

App Store

4. Follower Tracker For Instagram

Instagram follower tracker Android 2018

Follower tracker like other apps also deals with the same analytics and tracking but what makes it different is its interface. With cool theme suitable for use at any time of the day this certainly is the app which could be used for Instagram analysis.

Check who followed you, Unfollowed you in Lost followers or who is not following you. You can view anyone’s profile, posts, photos and follow or unfollow them from this app itself.

It will also recommend you the profile which you may be interested in following. Apart from all this, you can add multiple accounts and have detailed analysis for an account but for that, you have to buy a subscription from in-app purchases.

Play Store

5. Iconosquare

iconosquare - Instagram unfollowers tracker

This app deserves to be the best among the best unfollow tracker apps for Instagram because of its compatibility. Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, you are covered. Simply create an account on Iconosquare and add your Instagram account which you wish to monitor.

Just log in with your account on the app and get ready to see the Unfollowers from your profile. It is possible to check comments, your profile uploads and even Schedule post if you want to upload it later.

You can check analytics for the Last week, Last 7 days, Previous month, Last 30 days or Last 3 months. With a graphical representation of the data, you will be able to see your progress with ease.

App Store | Play Store

Well, these best Instagram unfollowers tracker apps would certainly be helping you in keeping unwanted followers away and maintain your profile more efficiently from iPhone or Android smartphone. Moreover, if you are looking to get more reach and engagement for your posts then do check out Hashy, an app for finding the best and trending hashtags.


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