5 Best Instagram Repost Apps For Photos And Videos

You must’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words;” thanks to the mobile app evolution, your pictures & videos are now seen and shared by millions around the world. Take Repost app for Instagram as an example, which allows endless possibilities.

What Is A Repost App For Instagram?

repost app for instagram

Reposting on Instagram is similar to sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

The app is available for Android to repost photos and videos on Instagram while giving credits to the original photo/video owner. The app is free and very suitable for beginners & advanced users alike.

It keeps you updated the moment you open this app showing immediately all the most recent posts by your friends including yours. The application’s highly interactive UI allows you to find graphical content by user name or hashtag to repost and connect to Instagram within a few taps.

Moreover, the original owners of photos and videos can add watermarks to confirm total credits. It is an advantageous feature that prohibits others from manipulating your private content. In addition, you can also share your files on other social media hotspots such as Facebook & Twitter.

repost app for instagram 2

Repost for Instagram has an advanced, intuitive, yet simpler interface. However, the free version contains ads but that should not be an issue since its presentation is high-quality. Although a paid version is available at the cost of $4.99 only.

While Repost for Instagram is certainly every Instagrammer’s favorite, there happen to be other beloved Repost Apps for Instagram that are worth the look.

Best Instagram Repost Apps For Android And iPhone

1) QuickRepost

repost instagram video app - quick repost

QuickRepost isn’t just another name in the app market. Even though it is free to download on Android devices, its service offers heavier potential thus making it a strong contender.

QuickRepost has an interface to die for. Besides being neat and easily understood by all age groups, you can also repost as many times as you desire without obtaining on coins/credits. Moreover, you don’t have to add watermarks if you are not all too picky about who ends up using it. So, by default, your photos and videos will be applied to the public domain (CC0).

Link: Android

2) RepostWhiz


RepostWhiz is free to download on iOS (with a Pro version for just $2.99). It is the ultimate solution for your business & personal usage to post all of your photographic and video content in a sharp manner.

RepostWhiz facilitates a smoother management of images that are customized to the dimensions accepted by Instagram. Whenever you insert a photo on RepostWhiz, the images align perfectly with respect to length and width and aspect ratio that is ready to share with the rest of the world. You do not need to resize or crop anymore.

Furthermore, its versatility extends to give you a better control over scheduling your posts as and when you desire. It is an excellent option to keep track of your Instagram feed and never miss out on anything important.

P.S. RepostWhiz is an excellent tool for Internet marketers and Social Media Promoters.

Consequently, you also have the option to save your photos and videos in a gallery and also compile a list of your favorite posts that can be reposted to your Instagram feed at a different time.

You may also add a translucent watermark and place it on an image or video to make your work authentic.

Link: iOS

3) Insta Repost for Instagram

insta repost for instagram

Insta Repost allows its users to experience a total control over their files integrated with an Instagram account. Exclusively available for Android in a free version to repost pictures and videos on Instagram.

This application is particularly popular among millions of users for one reason, it is peculiar and works without lag. All of the data is highly protected in adherence to the Instagram protocols that assures copyrights so that no other user can steal them. Its efficiency maintains the originality of content even after adding watermarks.

Users can find and include their friends to share art or interesting posts seen on Instagram via Messenger, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Viber, Facebook and other social networks. It maintains a very high-quality that eliminates the need to save to device to take screenshots to preserve the natural look.

Searching for usernames or hashtags is made easier especially to find artists, musicians, brands & trending users to include in your personal list. Buying additional tools boosts the scope of use within this app.

Link: Android

4) Easy Repost

best instagram repost apps for photos and videos - easy repost

If you are a professional, Easy Repost expands your opportunities to become popular in social media by allowing you to search posts by users and hashtag to #repost to your feed or to a specific follower from the list.

Even though the service does not offer watermarks anymore, you can pen down ideas, opinions in a caption of your repost in Instagram without hassles.

Increase the number of followers and likes on Instagram by sharing your files, downloading your pictures and videos from other authorized zones without legal issues. Easy Repost is one of the best repost Instagram video apps as well.

You can remove ads to enjoy this genius app even better on Android devices.

Link: Android

5) Regram


Whilst Regram is only available on Android, it remains 100 percent free to use. Besides allowing its users to republish a friend’s post instantly, Regram does not require a formal registration to get started. Talk about quick reposts, huh?

You can also copy URL links to your Instagram feed and save videos and photos and either enable or disable the watermark option. If you need even more privacy, you can deactivate certain permissions on Regram to save, track, record, monitor any of your personal data or calls.

While Regram brings a lot of A-Grade features at zero cost, it may, however, affect the quality of videos if they in HD. Nonetheless, it remains a feature-rich tool for every Instagrammer to pocket.

Link: Android

So you have a total of 6 apps including repost app for Instagram. You can go ahead with any of these apps or can try all of them one by one as they are free to repost on Instagram. Also, do let us know which app suited you the best.


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