Home Automation Technology Products that can make your House a Super Power

One of the world’s richest man Bill Gates’ house has a feature where the house changes the lighting and the music based on his mood. If he is in a mood to party, then the lighting gets darker and the music gets faster. This was many years back. This kind of technology has slowly gained in popularity thanks to the revolution of IOT, which stands for Internet of Things. Any device can be connected to the Internet that can relay information back to the user through an application. Today we are going to look at three products that is going to make your house a technology superpower and help you improve your life.

Cube Sensor  

Home Automation Technology

Cube Sensors are devices that you place in your house that measure all the important aspects that are important for better living. The Cube Sensor measures Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Light and Pressure. The app collects all the above information and tells you what is different and what needs to be changed. If the lighting isn’t enough, it can make you tired rapidly or if your air temperature has increased, you might need to reduce it to feel better. Cube sensor is that invisible force which guides you to stay optimum in your house.

August Keyless Smart Lock

This is the next level of locks for your house. The August Lock is an Automated, smartphone operated lock system that makes your house a truly automated house. If you are coming back to your house, the key less system senses that you are coming home and automatically opens the door for you. Another good part about this is, you can give access to people who want to enter the house like your friends, a babysitter for example. The system still works with a normal key system.

Home Automation Products


Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

This is a smart mattress cover that measures your sleep patterns as well as the temperature of your mattress along with the humidity levels. The LED lights on the bottom of the cover signal if the mattress is getting too warm. The best part about this is the heating coils that are built into the mattress and each side of the bed can be independently heated. This technology has the capability of even replacing the room heater in cold countries, where the heating of the bed and a warm quilt may be sufficient for keeping you warm.

home automation products

We think Home Automation has to be dealt with carefully especially when it comes to products relating to safety. But apart from that they benefit the people of the house immensely!

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