One of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp From Dodocool: Review

Have you ever been to a natural site surrounded by greenery or a waterfall? If so then you very well know how it can rejuvenate you and make you feel fresh as never before. What if we told you that you can clone that very atmosphere in your own home, office or restaurant. Yes, that’s possible and in this article, we share with you one of the best Himalayan Salt Lamp from Dodocool to make it happen. Moreover, it is possible to get it for 27% discount for a limited time.

What is a Salt Lamp?

In case you’re wondering what the hell is Salt Lamp then let us explain. Salt Lamp is like any other lamp but with a lot of benefits. It is made of Himalayan Salt Crystals. There is a small bulb inside which heats the salt crystal when switched on so that the crystal releases negative ions. These negative ions are the reason why you feel so good when outside in nature. So, when these negative ions are produced wherever you use the salt lamp you get the same feeling.

So, let us go ahead and look at the salt lamp from Dodocool.

Dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Box Contents

  • 3-Prong Plug.
  • E12 light bulb.
  • Crystal stone made of Himalayan Salt.
  • Instruction Manual

Dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp


The crystal salt produces negative ions which help in improving the following.

  • Purified Air
  • Decrease Stress
  • Better Breathing
  • Good Sleep
  • High Energy Levels


The original price of USD 21.99 but you can get it on 27% discount with a current activity. The rules of the activity are quite simple.

Dodocool Himalayan Salt Activity

Head over to the activity page and select your country. Once you do that click on Get Code. You will get a coupon code and that’s all there’s to it.

One out of every 10 customers will be chosen and they will get a 27% discount.

You can buy it using the button below.

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Wrapping Up

Considering the benefits of the salt lamp and negative ions you might want to get one for yourself. And at the moment Dodcool Himalayan Salt Lamp seems like a great option with their healthy discount.

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