10 Best Free Screenshot Software Tools For Windows

Last Updated: November 10, 2018

Taking screenshot is very crucial nowadays for various tasks. Whether you want to share any specific screen content or save it for future usage. Since you just have to capture the content of the screen, it saves a lot of time rather than writing, downloading or saving it. It is becoming easy for people to enhance their work by taking screenshots. You can use quick command keys on the PC to capture the screenshot.

But there are many screenshot software or apps that will let you do the same with more options. You can capture only the desired area of your screen rather than everything. This way you will get only the content you require and not the unwanted parts of the screen. Many of these softwares will also let you edit the captured image and customize it as per your need. So, all things said, let’s have a look at the best screenshot software tools for Windows that you can use for free.

1. Lightshot

Lightshot - best screenshot tools for PC

Lightshot is not only small but the best screenshot app for Windows on the list. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, all you have to do is press the PrntScr button on your keyboard.

After you press the command key, the screen will turn dark. Then you can select the desired area of the screen you want to capture.

It will let you edit the image, write on it and add lines, arrows, rectangle, texts etc. You can then upload the image to the cloud, share it via social media, copy it or save it on your PC. In addition to that, this little app will also give you the option to search for similar images through Google in the web browser.

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2. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is a software which comes pre-installed with most of the Windows PC. You can access it without having to install any additional file. If you want to see how to open the Snipping tool and use it then check it here. This is a simple tool that will let you take the custom screenshot of your desktop. It will also allow you to draw in it with a pen, pencil or highlighter on the captured image. You can also copy the image to clipboard or send it via Email to any recipient you wish.

3. Lightscreen

Best Free Screenshot software for Windows - Lightscreen

Another free screen capture tool to get the desired area of your desktop. You can set dedicated keys for different screenshot tasks as per your desire. With this tool, you can take the screenshot of the full screen, just of the selected area or any other window running in the background.

After the software is installed, you can set hotkeys to activate the desired capture mode. The images you captured can be saved in 3 different formats, JPG, PNG, and BMP. You can also set the quality of the image. Moving ahead you can upload images to the cloud by authorizing the desired account with the software. It has a few other settings that you can use to customize the usage of this software.

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4. Greenshot


Like every other tool that helps taking screenshots, Greenshot will let you do the same but in quite a different way. After the software is installed it will notify and you can check the dedicated command keys to use the tool. In case you are unable to get this information, access the Greenshot app from the toolbar and see the commands there.

This tool has some pretty unique ways of capturing the screen. You can capture the full screen or the desired area like every other screenshot software. But other than this, there is an option to Capture window, where it will predetermine and tell you the size that should be captured. Apart from this, it also has tools for capturing Internet Explorer pages.

It has a magnifier function with which you can see and select the exact point to capture the screen. Once you use the command key as per your desire, the screen will be captured and it will ask whether to save it, open in Greenshot editor, print or open through Microsoft Office applications. You can also upload this image to Imgur.

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5. Skitch


Skitch is basically a photo editing tool that will let you add markups, blur the content which you want to hide etc. to your images. To take a screenshot, open the application and in the top middle, you will see Screen Snap. You can select whether you want to capture the full screen or just the snap only the desired area.

With Skitch, you can take screenshots of the desired window and either save it as it is or add annotations to make it more informative. This way you can capture and provide information or markup regarding the image at one place. This is a cloud-based software powered by Evernote. You can save the resulting image directly to Evernote Cloud, saving you some space in the PC. Or it can be saved on your PC if desired.

Even though Evernote has discontinued Skitch for Windows but still you can download it using the link below.

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6. Screentake


Screentake is similar to Lightshot and even the way of using this application to take screenshots is same. After the software is installed, it will notify how to capture the screen in the taskbar. You can press the PrntScr button from the keyboard or double-click the Screentake icon on the taskbar to enable the capture mode. The screenshots can be taken as required of different sizes.

Just like the most screenshot softwares in the list, it will let you edit the image. You can draw, write, add markups, texts etc. In addition to this, you can input the size of the desired area manually to get the exact output for the images. These images can be then saved to the PC or uploaded to the Screentake cloud.

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7. Nimbus Screenshot And Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus is a web-based screenshot app which can be used in the Chrome Browser. You have to download and install a plug-in for it. Remember this tool can only be used to take a snap of the web pages and other contents in the Chrome Browser.

Once the plug-in is installed you will be able to see the dedicated icon [N] on the top right corner. You can tap this icon to take the screenshot. Honestly, this is a really good application to take screenshots of the web browsers and its pages. It has 9 ways to take screenshots.

You can capture just the visible part of the webpage, selected area, fragments of the screen, or the entire desktop. Apart from this, it has some advanced capturing options like the scrolling capture, delayed timer shot and also a screen video recorder. After the screen is captured it will take you to the editing page where you can add annotations to the images. It can be then uploaded to the Nimbus, Slack or Google Drive cloud or saved to the PC.

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8. TinyTake

Best screenshot apps for Windows - TinyTake

Another screenshot app for Windows which will let you capture the desktop or any Window as per your desire. Not only just images but you can also capture videos. All you have to do is install the application and create an account with them. This tool can be used either by using the command keys or by opening the application. It will allow you to capture either the selected area, the window or the full screen. You can add shapes, annotations, blur the areas you want to hide etc as per your choice.

In addition to this, it can also capture images and videos from the webcam of your PC. The captured files can either be saved in TinyTake application or PC. The application will have all the images and videos that you have captured and saved in TinyTake. You will also be able to share the URL with your friends so they can directly open and see the picture in their browser. Or you can share any other desired images in the same way.

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9. ShareX


ShareX is one of the best free screenshot software in this list. Like every other screenshot application for Windows, this one will also capture the screen with different options. On opening, the application will show you the dedicated key that can be used to take the screenshots.

It will let you decide what will happen once the image is captured or uploaded. The functions of ShareX are quite similar to the one of Nimbus for Chrome, the only difference is that it’s a software and Nimbus is a browser extension.

You can make videos or GIF of your selected region in the desktop. If you want you can select whether to show the mouse cursor or not in the captured images.  In addition to this, they have provided with some extra tools which can be used to edit the images, add effects to it and do some more customizations.

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10. PicPick


This is not only a screen capture software but also an image enhancer which will let you edit the image graphically. Here you will get screenshot tools which will allow you to capture the full screen, selected area, fixed area, freehand-selected region, and scrolling capture.

These tools can also be used by dedicated key combinations or hotkeys as most of the softwares in the list. After the image has been captured this software will provide you with some advanced tools for editing. There is a color picker, magnifier, pixel ruler, whiteboard, protractor etc. for making your image more presentable.

You can apply filters, draw on the image, add stamps and different kind of annotations to the images. This tool can also let you share the captured image to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc from this software itself.

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Capture Screen On Windows PC With These Best Free Screenshot Softwares

All these tools and software are really easy to use. They will enhance your work and let you do more. From this list, the best screenshot tools for Windows is Lightshot, it’s small and it does everything we need for a screenshot. After Lightshot, I would give the place to ShareX. I would have gone with Nimbus but it can only be used with the Chrome browser.

So, give them a try and let us know which one did you like the most.


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