Best Free Android Apps

Here are some apps, after downloading them you will feel your Android phone has became a better phone in terms of sharing, security and speed. Everyone loves free stuff and when it comes about apps, everyone gives a try to check it out. So in this article I have explained about the best free Android apps that can make your Android phone secure and fast.

Best Free Android Apps


app lockIt is one of the best Android app for maintaining your phone privacy. It is developed by DoMobile. It protects your personal contents, lock app, hides pictures and videos. You can hide your picture by simply selecting them from gallery and moving them to vault of applock. Your selected pictures will get vanish from gallery and only you will be able to access them with the password or pattern set by you.

It can also customize background, automatic lock at given time and location, prevent others from uninstalling your app. Applock cannot killed by task killer. The size of the app is 3.40 MB.


shareitIf you always get irritate while sharing some large data from another phone because of amount of time it takes. Here’s the solution, download SHAREit app and get free from this irritation. This app will help you to transfer files of large size in a very less time without any network connection. Its transfer speed is extremely fast i.e. upto 20M/s which approximately 200 times faster than the Bluetooth speed. It has a cross platform sharing for mobile phones and tablets, Android and iOS and Windows phone and Windows XP/7/8.

You can transfer anything like photos, videos, contacts, apps and everything in SD card. You can also easily transfer and backup contacts, call logs, SMS message, MMS message, apps all types of file in SD card and even system setting from old phone to new one. It’s size is 6.31 MB.

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all in oneIt’s a great and powerful app to optimize performance. It makes our phone free from junk files and keeps our Android phone lighter and faster. In just one click it will clean your phone by removing unnecessary processes, cache files, temp files, empty folder, app left over and residual files.

It has no background service so it takes less memory and consumes less battery .It is also a RAM booster and it quickly analyzes the processes that are memory hungry, occupies CPU memory and drained our battery. In just one tap it boosts the memory. It’s size is 6.35 MB.


securityIt is one of the best free apps for Android users. We all know about the effects of having virus in your Android phones. The virus can harm your important files in phone and also causes improper functioning of phone. To avoid this problem you must have antivirus and security app. It is a top rated mobile security app. It simply scan installed app, SD card content and new apps automatically and remove viruses if found any. It also has SMS/call filter and blocker. You can block the numbers of those with whom you don’t want to talk.

It also blocks spyware and malware infected links and even USSD number which has ability to destroy your device memory. It also act as network meter that is it keeps a check on incoming and outgoing data. It blocks hackers from getting in. You can also use its mobile phone locator features for locating your phone so as to find it and also you can control it and much more. It’s size is 11.44 MB.

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All the above Android apps are free and its worth to give a try on them. If you have some apps to share from your experience, do share with us via comments.

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