The Unusual Fitness Gadgets of 2017

I am kind of miffed with the products in the world. If you really think about it, not a lot of company’ products are good for us. Smartphones have a lot of benefits, but they bring about with them a lot of negatives as well. The same thing with social media, they connect you to your friends but they bring about lower attention spans and smartphone addiction and in some cases depression. Keeping all of this in mind, I share some really useful fitness gadgets to improve and maintain your health in this article.

Best Fitness Gadgets 2017

Our food choices is also another big worry, most of the products out there are out to get us more addicted. Capitalism’s negatives are, they make wrong choices for people in pursuit of profits. If you look at exciting products of 2017, it’s filled with smartphones.

Best Fitness Gadgets 2017

This is why we’ve tried to hunt a bunch of products that are good for your health. They make you healthier and stronger. These are not big consumer tech companies but are the smaller ones. We’ve also earlier covered safety products for your kids that you might want to check out.

1. Double Flex Portable Resistance Trainer

The Need

The Double Flex Portable Resistance Trainer is a must need in the current world. It’s a portable resistance trainer that can work various muscles and it’s perfect for the traveling gymmer or a person who doesn’t have the time to go to the gym.

Best Fitness Gadgets

The Use

You can use this to work your triceps, biceps and your legs. This can also be used anywhere including the office environment. It weighs about 2 lbs. The Double Flex comes with a 15 lbs added resistance that you can attach to increase the weight.

Portable Fitness Gadget

The Form

It’s easily portable and you can carry it in your luggage. Perfect for those short travels. You can literally use it anywhere, you just need a small space. It’s also built for working out your muscle which is more important than a cardio based equipment.

The Cons

You cannot increase the weight considerably after you’re used to the weight, it doesn’t add much value to your body. It doesn’t work all your body parts and the kind of exercises you do are a bit awkward compared to the ones you are used to in the gym.

DoubleFlex on Amazon

2. Under Desk Elliptical

The Cubii is one of those of whacky ideas executed in reality. It’s a smaller elliptical machine that you can use in your office.

Cubii Fitness Gadget

The Need

Cubii certainly has a need. Although the concept of standing desks are getting prevalent, a lot of establishments still don’t have them and your legs can hurt standing. Sitting on a chair for long hours increases the risk of lifestyle disease like a heart attack considerably. So what if you could work your heart while sitting down.

The Use

The Cubii is a small pedaler and you can keep it under your desk while you are sitting and working. There are different resistances to change your workout intensity. It’s designed in such a way that you do not hit your legs. It works out only the core of your legs.

For people with ADHD, it is a great product because a lot of them require movement while working and this is the perfect accompanying device.

The form

It’s a 3D printed product that is easily portable and because it’s under a desk, it is definitely hidden from the view. It’s designed in such a way that there’s limited impact on the knees, which is good for people with knee problems.

The cubii also comes with two chair stoppers to prevent your wheeled chair from moving while you are working out with the cubii.

The Cons

In terms of workouts, you are working only your leg and not any other part of your body. This means, your legs become stronger and the rest of your body does not.

Another simple con is its effectiveness. When you start working out, you see instant benefits, but considering you are doing the same thing every day, the effectiveness of your workout drastically comes down. The “shock” impact of a new workout isn’t there and don’t expect to lose a lot of weight with the help of this product.

Cubi on Amazon

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3. The FlipBelt

The Flipbelt is a simple and important device that solves an annoying problem.

FlipBelt Fitness Gadget

The Need

If you are a runner, then you have the typical runner worries, your flopping house keys, your phone jiggling in your pocket or if you are a girl and wearing leggings, then holding the phone in your hand. The need for this product is to keep our keys and phone tightly held together in our person while our hand is free.

The Use

You can use the flip belt for normal running where you keep your keys and phone inside the pocket, where it’s held tight or while backpacking, you can keep the essential items inside the Flip Belt pocket without having to reach for your bag every time.

The Form

It’s a spandex-lycra blend that sits wherever you want it to sit, like your stomach or your waist. It is stretchable and washable as well. You can turn the belt inward, so your keys are tucked into your waist or belly. It also comes in different colors which look perfect with your workout attire.

The Cons

It is pretty expensive for a simple belt that has a rather singular use case.

FlipBelt on Amazon

4. Skulpt Muscle Tracker

Do you know the most important measure that should be tracked on your road to fitness? If you said weight, then it’s wrong. Weight is a number that really doesn’t add much value if you are moderately overweight.

The most important value is the Fat percentage and Muscle percentage. One can lose weight while losing fat and losing muscle as well. The latter is clearly not good. To be a healthy human being, you need to decrease your fat and increase your muscle.

Skulpt Fitness Gadget

The Need

You can easily measure your weight and everybody has weighing scales at home, but this isn’t a useful measure. If you gained weight, did you increase your muscle or did you increase your fat? It’s important to start measuring your fat and muscle percentages instead of weight.

The Use

All you have to do to use Skulpt is place it against your muscle or fat and you will get the weight percentage. How it works is, electro muscles pass through your body from the back of the device that accurately measures the quality of your fat and muscles.

The Form

It’s like a cell phone in your pocket and you can carry it with you anywhere. Although you don’t require it to be portable. One of the reasons why portability is useful is, a lot of people let go of their workouts and their diets while traveling and this device can be the reality check you need to eat right.

The Cons

At $99 it really is expensive compared to your normal weighing scale, but obviously provides more value.

Skulpt on Amazon

5. Verve Posture Support

Did you know posture and moods are directly correlated? Check this Fast Company article on this topic. You subconsciously feel down when you are slouching and have bad posture.

The other reason to have good posture is well, your spine. Your spine is part of your core, it’s the rudder of your ship and having spine strength defines your strength in many ways.

Best Fitness Gadget - Arc

The Need

Arc by the verve is here to help everybody have better posture. Better posture means better overall health. Considering long working hours involves sitting, the arc is created to ease neck and back pressure.

The Use

You can place arc behind you in your chair and it straightens out your spine. It’s meant to be used on your upper back which is the longest part of the spine.

The arc is designed to work on the upper back because that is where a lot of muscles meet. The arc can also be used when sleeping, you can place it on the floor and rest your neck on the arc.

The Form

The arc is curved and has strategic points that support muscles. The creators have purposely made it to not stick to the chair so you can work on your posture. 

Whenever you slouch, the arc falls down and you would be reminded to correct your posture. It’s also small and can be carried easily in your backpack or bag.

The Cons

There aren’t very obvious cons to this. It’s a simple device that dramatically improves your posture.

Arc on Amazon

The health products we covered today are good for the end consumer and we hope to cover similar products like this as well at Techuntold.

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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