7 Best Electric Fence Chargers To Keep Your Place Secured

Fences are a kind of security that can be added around any piece of land. This will not only help in keeping your property safe but also keep the trespassers away. Though there are various kinds of fences, the wired fences are used quite a lot. They are perfect to keep the unwanted people away and state that the land is yours. One more thing that makes wired fences more reliable is that you can modify them for extra securities by adding an electric fence charger.

By doing this, electrical signals or current is passed through the whole fence. This way it adds a little bit more security. And whoever tries to cross or touch the fences will immediately regret doing so. It can be used to keep your cattle, goats, horses etc. or crops and field safe from other animals.

If you too are looking to bring some changes to your property and upgrade your fences then we have made a list of best electric fence chargers that will help you do so. Now to remind you, these fences are legal to use as long as you are using them on your private properties. So without any further delay let’s get started with the list.

Best Electric Fence Chargers On Amazon

1. Parmak Low Impedance

Parmak Low Impedance

Parmak is a solar power fence charger which means you won’t have to worry about charging it or connecting it to the main power outlet. And in addition to this, it will also save you money. It will operate with the help of 6-volt battery which will be charged using solar energy and weighs a total of 17.25 pounds. The output of this charger is around 1.6 joules and can be used to charge the wired fences for up to 25 miles including the ability to shock through wet weeds and bushes.

Price – $ 164.99

Amazon – Link

2. Zareba AC

Zareba AC Electric Fence Charger

Zareba is an AC powered electric fence which can be useful in various kinds of wired fences. Whether its steel wire, aluminum wire, poly wire, poly tape or even with a poly rope. This charger weights 3.25 pounds and has a battery that charges using the AC current. It provides an output of 1.0 joules which is enough to keep the trespassers away from your property.

Like the above charger, it also has the capacity to power 25 miles of electric wires but in case of light weeds or poly fences it can cover up to 12 miles. In addition, it is really easy to set up and has a Fence Ok light that will let you know if the fence and its electric current is on or off.

Price – $ 95.88

Amazon – Link

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3. Patriot Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer

Patriot Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer

It can be operated either using 110 volt AC or simply using 12-volt battery power. It weighs a total of 3.8 pounds and has an output of 3 joules. Patriot can cover up to 65 miles of wires and is a great option to keep your livestock safe. And with all of this, you can also use it with a 13 Watt solar panel and a 12 Volt battery. It provides the best power input options with great output as well.

Price – $ 177.67

Amazon – Link

4. Red Snap’r

best electric fence charger - Red Snap'r

This product is similar to Zareba but with a little different design. Red Snap’r can cover up to 25 miles of fence wires using AC current with an output of 1 joule. Rest it also has the Fence Ok meter to show whether the electricity in the fences is active or not and can be used with different types of fences as mentioned earlier. It works even in heavy weeds conditions keeping the fence filled with charge. This item weighs around 3.52 pounds and can be used to keep various farm animals and fields safe from predators and other animals.

Price – Around $250

Amazon – Link

5. Parmak Digital Charger

Parmak Digital Fence Charger

Digital fence charger is a step ahead from all the products in this list. It will let you see the power flowing through the fences in the digital meter and the condition of the fences with dedicated LED lights. You can power it using AC current and not only this it also provides with more than 10 joules of electric charge 11.4 joules to be exact. It weighs a total of 4.45 pounds and can cover around 100 miles of fences. Apart from this, it also has audible and visible Shutdown alarm sound that will ring whenever there is any kind of problem in the running of the fence charger.

Price – $ 219.00

Amazon – Link

6. Cyclops Master

most powerful solar fence chargers - cyclops boss

Cyclops master is one of the most powerful solar fence chargers which provides the output of 30 joules. It has the ability to be operated with either solar power or by using a battery. Cyclops weighs 10 pounds and can cover up to 30 miles of fencing area. In addition to all of this, the manufacturers also have provided it with lighting protection so it can easily work on harsh weather conditions.

Price – $ 850.00

Amazon – Link

7. Zareba 100 Mile AC

Zareba Fence Charger for dogs, horse, cattle, goats and farms

If you are looking for a fence charger to cover up a large area then you can go for Zareba 100 Mile AC Fence Charger. It weighs approximately 7 pounds and operates with 115-volt direct plug providing an output of 6 joules. Well, it is almost similar to the earlier mentioned Zareba fence charger, but with the addition to support 100 miles and a lighting guard to keep it safe. This means it can even work on optimal weather, heavy and wet weeds conditions. Zareba is suitable for dogs, cattle, and protecting fields just like most of the products on this list.

Price – $ 205.99

Amazon – Link

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So these were some of the best electric fence chargers that you can use to keep your pets, animals, and crops safe from predators and other animals. Well, all the products are trusted by the users and have good ratings, but if you are looking to buy one for yourself then it will totally depend on your usage. Whether you want one with more range that it can cover or with less or more output energy or one with AC input or solar powered. Do let us know which one you are going for.

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