7 Best Clock Widgets For Android For Quick Access

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? These are the time saver and can be really helpful in achieving desired results fast. Widgets can be defined as shortcuts when we talk about smartphones. If you are looking for free best Clock widgets for Android phones then follow this article.

Best Clock Widgets For Android You Should Start Using

Here are my 7 best picks for clock widgets:

All the mentioned apps are available for free with in-app purchases for getting access to advanced features.

1. Chronus

Chronus - best clock widget for Android

Chronus is a complete package. Not only you get a Clock widget, but in addition, you also get Weather, News, Calendar, Stocks and tasks widgets too. This app is highly customizable. You can add battery percentage left to the clock widget. For best compatibility, use Google Clock with Chronus.

The weather widget is powered by Yahoo and it also shows the moon phase like the half moon or full moon for the upcoming days and the present day itself. Users can synchronize Stocks, News Feed and Calender events to get up to date. This is an all in one app for all the widgets you can use on any given day.

Download it from Play Store For Free

2. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets - Android Clock Weather Widget

This app provides a clock widget in which you can customize date in 12 hours or 24 hours format. It also offers different clock styles so that user can select the appropriate one according to their choice. Weather forecast widget is included which is powered by AccuWeather. Weather conditions for the actual day and upcoming 3-4 days are displayed here.

Different widget sizes given to the users that sets it apart from Chronus widget clock. There are total 5 sizes which are 1*1, 2*1, 4*1, 4*2 and 4*4. Amount of information varies accordingly to the size you select.

Download it from Play Store For Free

3. DashClock Widget

Dash Clock Widget

Another best free clock widget for Android which serves in multiple ways. The interface is quite different from the other competitors. In fact, there is no interface here. You won’t be able to see this app in your menu because it gets automatically added to the Widgets. Just drag and drop and you are good to go.

Apart from Clock, this application supports Gmail extension which displays the number of unread emails. And you can also check temperature and weather conditions at your location.

If you want next alarm info and next calendar event then this widget also takes care of it for you. Its simplified usage and look are what I like most about this particular app.

Download it from Play Store For Free

4. DIGI Clock Widget

DIGI clock widget

This app is mainly designed for Time and Date only and does its best to make the most out of it. I mean it is so customizable. It provides basic editing features like changing 12-hour format to 24 hours format. Just like Fancy Widgets, DIGI too offers their users to select different widget size. Sizes available are 2×1, 4×1 , 4×2 , 5×2  , 6×3.

What makes it interesting is that this app lets you play with all the settings regarding the widget’s display. Let me give you a brief overview of all the settings available.

  • Show seconds
  • Change time font
  • Alter time color and transparency
  • Enable font outlines
  • Show shadow under time
  • AM/PM Settings
  • Date color and font settings
  • Background settings
  • Scale and Rotate
  • Click Action- Choose action when the widget is tapped

and so on.

Download it from Play Store For Free

5. Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget

This is also a clock widget which keenly focuses on providing more customization to its Users for time and date settings, instead of offering comprehensive features like weather, news and so on.

To be very honest, this app is quite similar to the DIGI Clock Widget is so many ways. You can set the default action which will happen whenever you tap on the widget, changing the background color and text shadow settings.

But there are some other new features like the text alignment will be at center under the widget that makes its appearance more appealing. The major difference between both apps is the overall look which completely depends on your preference.

Download it from Play Store For Free

6. Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7

Analog Clock live wallpaper

This is one of the best Analog Clock widgets for your Android Smartphones. I really liked the transparent look of this widget because that makes it easily blend in with my home screen.

Apart from the time, it also displays date, day, month and Battery left in percentage. You can open the app by directly tapping on the widget. It also lets you save the clock as live wallpaper which is not available on any other app.

Apart from these, you also have the option to change primary, secondary colors of the widget. Users can change text color and the text itself. This app even offers you the option to resize the clock.

Download it from Play Store For Free

7. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense flip clock & weather

This app is a perfect combo of the clock and the weather widgets. You can choose from three widget size provided which are 4*1, 4*2 and 5*2. It has the best user interface in all of the apps mentioned here making it the best free widget for Android.

It offers a lot of customizations like Clock themes, icon skins, time fonts and so on. Apart from these customizations, you get the optional feature to display the weekday and next alarm time.

What I liked most about this app is its weather reports. First, all the data can be monitored on the daily, hourly and weekly basis. Second, there are a lot of forecasts included like weather forecast, wind forecast, precipitation, moon forecast, and sun forecast.

Download it from Play Store For Free

All these apps are great and can be very helpful when you need a quick shortcut to daily activities info and settings. I would definitely recommend you to go for clock and weather app as it provides a lot of features and won’t even surpass your storage criteria.


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