7 Best Audible Alternatives That Are Free Or Cheaper

People read books to feed their hunger for learning, improving, passing the time, enhancing their knowledge or just for the sake of curiosity. Audiobooks are a great source of consuming the books if you are not much into reading the text. Also, some people have better retention when they listen to someone else reading for them. And some do it just to save time. Audible is one of the best platforms for listening Audiobooks. They have a large library of many amazing books. But it has an expensive subscription package which most of us don’t wish to spend. So, here we are suggesting you the list of some best audible alternatives apps and websites which you can use for free or at cheaper rates than Audible.

Audible Alternatives That Give It A Great Competition

1. LibriVox Audio Books Free

Apps like audible but free - LibriVox

This is one of the best apps like Audible but free. You can find the books listed under Genres, Authors, New or Lists created by other users. In this app, you have access to over 24 thousand audiobooks. You can read them online or just download to read them offline without any cost. Most books on LibriVox are read by the volunteers and you can also become one.

It is possible to easily search for the audiobooks from their database using the search feature. Some of the most popular authors work available on LibriVox are Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde,  Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi etc.

App link: Android/iOS

2. Scribd

Best Audible Competitors - Scribd App

This is much affordable Audiobooks app as compared to Audible with a subscription of $8.99 per month. You get a chance for judging the app through 30 days free trial initially.

Apart from lesser subscription price, Scribd doesn’t only provide you with audiobooks, but it also has a library of e-books. The content is well organized under categories like Books, Audiobooks, Magazines and more.

You can save audiobooks for offline use. It also has a Save for Later feature that allows you to get back to your favorite audiobooks at a more convenient time.

App link: Android/iOS

3. Audiobooks Now Audio Books

Top Audible alternative - Audiobooks now

Audiobooks Now app is not available in India so we were not able to analyze it. But this is on top of every list of audible alternatives. Audiobooks is a Canadian company that runs on a credit system, just like Audible. Once subscribed, you can choose from 95,000 popular new and old books.

Also, all the books on this app are not protected by DRM, unlike Audible. It means that if you buy an audiobook here, it can be played on other apps also. Initially, there is an option for trial for 30 days. You can try it and then subscribe for $5 (minimum membership fee) to continue.

App link: Android/iOS

4. Audio Books by Audiobooks

Cheaper Audible alternative app - audio books

This is also a less expensive audiobooks app than Audible and a good Audible alternative. There are many books available for free in this app in different genres which are powered by LibriVox. For new and premium content there is a subscription fee of $15 per month.

There is a Featured section in the app that has categorized the books in lists like Featured Free Books, Perfect First Listens, Weekly Top Releases, Upcoming Films Adaptations and Fairy Tales Reimagined. This app lets you add a note at any particular point during listening to a book. All the notes can be separately accessed later from My Notes section.

There is a feature of rating the books and marking your favorite genres and you will get recommendations for best books based on this in the My Recommendations section.

App Link: Android/iOS

5. CastBox

Best free Audible alternatives - castbox

This app offers a dedicated Audiobooks section where you can find popular audiobooks for free. You can easily subscribe to your favorite audiobooks and find it in the Subscribed tab later. I personally liked the search feature in this app where it shows all the popular searches.

The best part about CastBox is that it isn’t completely for audiobooks but also best suited for you if you love listening to top podcasts and radio sometimes.

CastBox has thousands of top podcast channels, Radio channels and some popular audiobooks like from Rudyard Kipling, Jonatha Swift, Mark Twain etc. You can subscribe the channels, download and listen to audiobooks, all for free.

App link: Android/iOS

6. Loyal Books 

Audible alternative sites - 1 Loyal Books



When it comes to websites that can be alternative to Audible, Loyal Books is my personal favorite. There are two reasons for that, firstly they have a vast variety of vintage books in genres like History, Fiction, Comedy, Philosophy, Romance, Science Fiction etc. Secondly, all for free.

You can find a written description of each audiobook. Moreover, there are reviews and ratings available to help you judge better if you are just starting to get into books. The site has a separate category of top 100 books which has celebrated books like Pride and Prejudice, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Art of War, A Tale of Two Cities, The Man Who Was Thursday etc.

Website: Loyal Books

 7. Lit2Go

Website alternative to Audible - 1 Lit2go

It offers you free audiobooks, poems, stories and plays all for free. With all audiobooks, other details are also described as the number of words and playing time. You can also download the PDF of the books or stories and print it for reading if need be.

Remember, most of the work on the website is for educational purposes. So, your favorite genre might be missing but if you are a fan of literature, this website is for you.

Website: Lit2Go

We love to listen to audiobooks while we are relaxing, running, cleaning or over a cup of coffee. These were top 7 Audible alternative apps and sites which we felt could be used if don’t want to go for Audible for whatsoever reason. If you are considering any other app or website for audiobooks, tell us in the comments.

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