7 Best Apps To Transfer Files Between Android Devices

Last Updated: June 20, 2018

Gone are the days of sending files from Bluetooth which take forever to share a file with a bigger size.  There are many apps on Play Store to share almost all types of files from one Android device to another. They work almost hundred times faster than Bluetooth. Many of these apps also have other features apart from just sending and receiving files. Here is the list of the best apps to transfer files for Android devices which are used widely.

Top File Sharing Apps On Android

1. SHAREit

SHAREit - Best file transfer app for android to android

SHAREit is huge. It has more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. It is a fast file sharing app for Android and other platforms users.  You can transfer almost all types of files like Songs, Videos, Photos, Apps and other files like EBooks, ZIP, PDFs. The app claims to be 200 times faster than Bluetooth with maximum speed up to 20 MBps.

SHAREit uses Bluetooth to find devices and Wi-Fi to connect and transfer files. You can also share files with iOS and PC users using SHAREit. The files do not lose any quality while sharing, so the receiver will get the videos and photos in original sizes.

This app can be used for other purposes as well. It has the nice inbuilt video and music player where you can listen to songs, watch videos online or the ones that you have on your phone. You can also watch YouTube videos on SHAREit which are categorized into different genres. While sharing the file, you can chat with the other person.

Play Store: SHAREit

2. Files Go By Google

Files Go By Google - best apps to transfer files between Android phones

Files Go is an amazing all-rounder app that can serve lots of purposes for you. It is basically an app for cleaning unwanted files from your device to clear space. You can also send and receive your files quickly using the app. Before you receive any large file, you can check the free space of your phone on the homepage of the app.

I included this app in this list due to good reasons. Firstly it works seamlessly and unlike apps, it has no irritating ads. Secondly, many people can’t receive files due to lack of storage. But here, you can see the junk files, duplicate files, large files etc. that can be removed from your phone and make a way for new and important files.

Play Store: Files Go

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3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere - Best file sharing app for android

Send Anywhere is one of the best apps to transfer files between Android phones. It is currently the highest rated file sharing app with 4.7 stars and 10 million downloads. This is the only app in this list which had mentioned about the file encryption (256-bit) on the Play Store. Sharing files with Send Anywhere is a different experience.

You don’t have to worry about the connection of devices. Send files to other devices using the 6-digit key. The app supports the platform like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows etc.

Play Store: Send Anywhere

4. Zapya

Zapya - Best Android apps to share files

Zapya is another good Android app to transfer files. It is also best for sharing files across different platforms in fast speed. There are 3 modes of sharing on Zapya — Send/Recieve by Wi-Fi Direct, QR code sharing or by making a group and sharing files in groups.

I use Zapya to share pictures or videos of a tour where many people use their phone’s camera. You can also watch trending and suggested videos or install apps shared by other users.

Play Store: Zapya

5. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer - File transfer app for android with File manager

Currently, more than hundred million users have downloaded ES File Explorer and have given it 4.6 stars rating. It is another multi-purpose app like Files Go. You can send all file types to your friends without using mobile data with auto-created hotspot.

In the app, you can sort all files by time and search easily. The app shows large files and the files that are created by the apps that you don’t want or might have uninstalled or also the junk files. You can delete those files to clear some space on your phone.

A different feature on the app is that you can see all the images and videos that are not saved in your gallery. For example photos and videos that you saw on WhatsApp status of your friends or on Telegram Messenger app. You can edit, rename, delete and even share them. ES Files Explorers also has its own music player and media player too.

Play Store: ES File Explorer

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6. Xender

Xender - Top file sharing app for Android

For the sole purpose of sharing files, Xender is the easiest and one of the best apps to transfer files from Android to Android and other devices like iOS and Windows. It claims to reach up to the speed of 40 MBps while sharing files. Xender work without Ads.

Apart from apps, photos, music, videos, and files/documents, it has a separate section for new files that will make sending latest files very easy. Xender allows you to send files with a slide and also when connected to other devices, you can see what all apps are installed on that device and even request to send them.

Play Store: Xender

7. CM Transfer

CM Transfer - Fast file sharing app for Android

It is another very simple file transfer app for Android with very impressive reviews and ratings. I noticed that the connection with other device is established very quickly. If you want a file sharing app without any glitches and smooth performance, this is the one. CM Transfer allows you to send all types of files including contacts and device ringtones to your friends. You can select and send all the files from all types at once which you want to send.

Play Store: CM Transfer

Best Apps To Transfer Files Between Android Phones: Which One Are You Going To Use?

So, these were some best file transfer Apps for Android which can also be used to send and receive files from other platforms as well. Definitely, SHAREit is dominating the list due to such great userbase but the features on Files Go and Zapya are very useful too. If you use any other such app that has extra good features, let us know in the comments.


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