6 Best Apps For Downloading Facebook Videos On Android & iPhone

Ever liked a video so much on Facebook that you wanted to keep it? But Facebook’s policy doesn’t allow you to do so. There is no option to download videos from its app. If you didn’t know how to download videos from Facebook, worry not. Here we are giving you the list of some best apps for downloading Facebook videos through which you can easily download those amazing Facebook videos on your Android and iPhone/iPad.

Top Apps For Downloading Facebook Videos

1. MyVideoDownloader

Best Facebook video downloading app -My Video Downloader

Its developers name is Giannz. It is my favorite Facebook video downloader app. There are many reasons for that. On other apps, you have to search the video that you want to download. In this app, you can easily find the videos from the sections like ‘Watched Videos’, ‘Liked Videos’ or ‘Saved Videos’ etc.

Also, when you download a video, there is an option to choose the quality and destination file of the video. You can also rename the video before downloading it.

App link: Android

2. FileMaster

You can use this app not only for saving Facebook videos but also downloading music on iPhone or sending music files on WhatsApp from an iOS device.

  • To get started, install the FileMaster from the following link. It is a free app.
  • Now, launch the Facebook app and go the desired video you wish to download.
  • Tap on Share at the bottom right of the video and select Copy Link.

Copy Facebook Video URL

  • Now, head over to FileMaster app. Tap on the Browser tab at the bottom row.
  • Clear the default URL. Tap on the address bar in the browser and select Paste from the context menu. Hit Go.

Save Facebook Videos on iPhone

  • Select the video to Play it. The video will start playing. Tap on Done at the top left to come out of the Player.
  • Now, the grayed out downloaded icon will be activated and animated at the same time. Tap on it.

Download Facebook Videos iPhone

  • Give the desired name to the video and select Confirm.

The Facebook video will start downloading. You can view it anytime from the Filemaster app after it is downloaded. Similarly, you can save other Facebook videos to your iOS device.

3. HD Video Downloader

Apps for downloading Facebook videos

This is another free Facebook video downloader app on Google Play Store from Phela Apps. This app is a little different from the other apps. When you tap on the ‘download’ button, it shows all the videos that are currently in your news feed.

For example, you opened your news feed or any comedians page or news page, then when you tap on ‘download‘ button, it shows all the videos available to download on that page separately. You can choose the video and then the quality of the video. Before downloading, you can even rename the video. Storage location and ‘download button’ position can be changed from the settings.

App link: Android

4. Video Downloader From InShot Inc.

Inshot Video Downloader for Facebook

It is currently the highest rated app for Android. Though I could not find any special reasons behind that, this app works fine and you can use Facebook too from this app itself. All your downloaded videos will be in ‘History’ and there is also a shortcut to open Instagram.

It is available in other languages like Indonesian, Hindi, French, Spanish etc. You can even choose to download the thumbnail of the video from settings.

App link: Android

5. Video Downloader

best video saver - Video Downloader for Facebook

It is currently one of the most used Facebook videos downloader.  It is developed by Linterna Apps. Just download the app and sign in with Facebook. You can scroll your news feed and tap on ‘play’ button on the video of your choice. When you tap on ‘play‘, it asks you to watch the video or to download. Tap on ‘Download‘.

Your running downloads can be seen separately in the notification bar as well as ‘Download Manager’ section of the app. Remember there is no option to directly go to the video that you liked or saved on the Facebook app.

App link: Android

6. Documents 6

This is another good app to get Facebook videos on your iPhone which is also one of the best iOS File Manager apps.

  • Install it from the App Store by searching or use the following link.
  • Similar to what we did above, go to the Facebook video and copy its link.
  • Open Documents 6 app and tap on the Browser icon at the bottom right.

Download Facebook videos ios

  • In this app, pasting the direct video link won’t work. So, you will have to open third-party video downloading websites like keepvid.com or downvids.net.
  • Open any one of them in the browser. In this case, I am using keepvid.com. Paste the video URL into the text field. Tap on Download.
  • Finally, tap on Download against the video details followed by Done at the top right.

Download Facebook videos on iPhone

The video will start downloading. Once downloaded the video will appear in the downloaded folder on the Home screen in the Documents tab.


So, these were the apps available for Android and iPhone that can help you in saving Facebook videos to your Gallery or Camera Roll for free. You can share those videos on WhatsApp, Instagram or anywhere. If you have anything to share about these apps or any query regarding any app in general, let us know in the comments.


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