10 Best Android Notification Apps For Better Control

Last Updated: November 9, 2018

Notifications can be annoying sometimes. Especially when there are a lot of them. This kind of situation may even lead to missing some of the important alerts. So here we are with the best notification apps for Android users that are available for free for organizing notifications into certain particular groups, and fun ways to reply quickly to those whom we want to.

Top Free Notification Apps For Android To Make Alerts Organised And Much More Fun

1. Heads Up Notifications

Heads Up Notification

First of all, before you start using this app, you have to allow the notifications permission. And then you have to go to the system and app settings to enable the pop-up window. After that, you will start receiving notifications through a pop-up window. If the notification is for a text message then the whole text will be displayed in this window.  You can customize this feature for every individual app if you want.

Apart from notifications, this free app also lets you customize the display by turning on the screen when you take out the smartphone from the pocket if you have any new notification.

Available On Play Store

2. Notisave


If you are one of those users who receives a lot of notifications regularly then this is the best notification bar app for you. What this app does is creates a notification bar for displaying all the alerts coming in.

These alerts are saved in the app separately. And whenever you feel like you can browse through all those notifications, but not all at once. You can simply head over to the app where all these notifications are categorized according to the app types. This way, you don’t have to go through so many notifications, instead, you can view them one by one. For example, all Whatsapp and Messenger notifications in the Chat tab and social media ones in SNS tab.

Available on Play Store

3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay - best notification apps for Android

A perfect Android app for handling all the notifications even when the screen is locked. It displays the notifications from different apps in a really simple yet cool design. And it also provides the option to use the app only for the active hours so that you will able to extend battery usage.

I personally loved this app because it shows the notifications in a cool way when the screen is locked. This app displays a simple icon for which the notification is there along with the number of alerts. If you want to check any notification from the lock screen then simply tap on the icon and it will display the message then and there only.

Available on Play Store

4. Notification Reader: Shouter

Notification Reader Shouter

You won’t even need to unlock or open your phone’s screen to check which notifications you are getting. Confused? The solution is in the name of the app. All the notifications will be read loudly by the app itself.

And not only notifications from texting and social media apps, but it also notifies you about the low battery level, missed calls, GPS location, and many others through speech. This kind of notification app can come in handy at any time, especially while driving.

Available on Play Store

5. nBubble

nBubble - Best free notification app

One of the best notification apps to control all the notifications from texting to social media apps. After installing and allowing certain permissions, this free notification app will display all the alters in the form of a pop-up bubble. One can also read and reply by simply touching on the bubble which will open a small window regarding the same.

This way, you will have an easy time replying to everyone else. The best part about pop-up messages is that you don’t have to stop whatever you were doing only to reply. And you can customize these bubbles for each and every app individually if you want to.

Available on Play Store

6. Notification Toggle

Notification Toggle - Best Notification Bar for Android

This is a really useful notification app for grouping all the icons and the apps to the notification panel from where you can easily access all of their features directly. There are two sections of this panel. You have the freedom to add any setting or icons to any of these sections.

Apart from that, you can also add installed apps to this panel which is not possible on the stock platform. Additionally, managing any app and its setting can be achieved from a single location by just pulling down the notification bar. Surely the best notification bar for Android users providing much more flexibility.

Available on Play Store

7. Notification History

Notificaiton History

Have you ever faced a situation where you lost all your chats from WhatsApp or other social media data? Maybe during updating or formatting. Then this app is for you. This app backs up each and every single notification you have received after installing it. You can sort the notifications on the basis of time so that finding the latest ones will be super easy. Apart from all these. you can even uninstall apps directly from here.

Available on Play Store

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8. Real Notisaver

best Android notification apps - Real Notisaver

Another great app for grouping notifications from multiple apps into a single location. What I liked about this app is that you can add and manage according to your preference. Add your multiple social accounts in one group and check out all the messages and alerts there only instead of browsing through notification bar.

This way, you can literally control the number of notifications that you actually want to see. This feature can also be used in a completely opposite way in which you can add those apps a group which you never want to see; kind of blocking notifications.

Available on Play Store

9. Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notification

Unlike many of the apps mentioned in this list, this app lets you customize the notifications theme while the screen is locked on a solid colored background or your normal lock screen wallpaper.

And you have all the luxury to select the apps for which you want to receive the alerts. There is a premium version of this app available with more advanced features. But to be honest, the free version is more than enough.

Available on Play Store

10. Flash Notification

Flash Notification

If you are one of those users who constantly miss their important notifications then this app is for you. In case of incoming calls or messages, the flash will start flickering. This way, you will hardly miss any notifications if your smartphone is within your sight.

And not the only normal flashlight, but this app does also provide different types of flash signals for incoming calls and messages. You can enable flash notifications for every sound profile i.e. vibrate mode, silent mode, and loud mode.

Available on Play Store

Best Android Notification Apps For Smarter Notifications

So, these were our picks for best free Android notification apps. In order to get notifications from these apps, you will need to grant access for all the required permissions that the apps need. They may ask for Notifications and Display over another app permissions before even opening the apps. Apart from that, they all are small in size so you don’t need to worry about any space issue.


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