Beats Solo 2 Review, Features: Should you go for them?

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I know I am too late to be reviewing Beats Solo 2 on-ear headphones in 2017.

But still, it’s better late than never. If this review helps even a single individual to make a decision whether to buy Beats Solo 2 or not then I would call this review a success. I bought them back in June 2014(the same month they were released) and have been using them ever since.

Being a Musicophile, I listen to music while running, working, leisure time and every time actually except when I am reading a book. In order to listen to music for such long periods of time, you definitely need good headphones to keep yourself and your ears comfortable without disturbing others.

Previously, I used the iPhone earphones but after listening to Music on Beats Solo 2 for 3 years I can easily say the experience is overwhelming and far better.

Beats Solo 2 Review

So, let us get started with the Beats Solo 2 review and find out what it has to offer.

Beats Solo 2 Review

When you buy Beats Solo 2 headphones you will get them in a good looking compact box. It has a following cool message on it.

Beats Solo 2 Features

Here’s everything you will find inside the box.

Box Contents

1. Soft Carrying Foamy Case.

Beats Solo 2 Carrying Case

2. Solo 2 On-Ear Headphones inside the case.

3.  3.5mm Aux Cable of length 1.4m.

I am quite sure you will like the box and the way the items are organized inside it.

 Solo 2 Headphones Features

1. Design

The design of Beats Solo 2 by Dre is top notch and is one of the reasons why I am still sticking with these headphones even after 3 years.

The headphone fits pretty well and doesn’t feel like falling off the head even with rigorous movements. It is possible to adjust the length of the headband to fit the different head sizes.

Adjustable Headband Beats Solo 2
Adjustable Headband

The padding is of supreme quality and feels good and comfortable on the ear.

Comfortable Padding Beats Solo 2 headphones

All in all, they have a cool look and are comfy.

2. Sound

The best part of Beats Solo 2 is the bass quality it provides in its price. I absolutely love the bass it provides. When I was looking for a good and reasonable headphone from Beats, I saw really poor reviews about sound quality on their earlier Solo headphones.

Into 2 weeks of the Solo 2 being launched, I got a good idea by looking at the feedback from users that Beats have improved the sound quality by leaps and bounds from the previous Beats Solo. And boy they were not wrong!

It has a good overall sound quality with strong bass <3

3. Cable Controls

3.5mm cable has a built-in mic and remote control. Using the remote control on the Aux cable you can answer/decline/drop calls, switch to the next or previous soundtrack, play/pause music, and increase/decrease volume.

Beats On Ear Headphones Solo 2 Aux cable
Mic and Remote on the Aux Cable

These controls come in handy when you cannot reach out your phone. Unfortunately, if you own an Android smartphone you won’t be able to make use of these remote controls. Only the mic is compatible with Android devices.

4. Portable

Beats Solo 2 can be folded and put into the case provided with them. The ability to fold them makes them highly portable.

5. Colors

The stylish on-ear headphones are available in  6 colors which include black, white, luxe red, luxe blue, luxe silver and luxe black.

I personally use black color.

6. Warranty

Similar to Apple’s iOS products Beats Solo 2 comes with a 1-year product replacement warranty.

I made use of it and got my Beats Solo 2 replaced once. There was a sound issue due to a glitch in the headband wiring.

Enough of the features. It is time to get to the Pros and Cons


1. Weight: It is on the lighter side weighing only 200 grams.

2. Portable: Highly portable due to its ability to fold and removable Aux cable.

3. Bass: It is the tight and strong bass in the sound which I like the most.


1. Painful: If you are binge listening for more than a couple of hours without removing the headphone for even a minute then you will feel numbness in ears. This is because the padding sits on your ears and is not over the ears.

2. Case: We can expect a hardcover for the headphones. With the soft case, you have to be comfortable at all times while putting it anywhere.

Get Your Own Beats Solo 2

You can purchase Beats Solo 2 on Amazon or from the Apple Store near you.

Beats Solo 2 WIRED On-Ear Headphone NOT WIRELESS - Black (Renewed)
  • Design: curved lines and continuous transition for automotive quality finish. No visible screws and flush hinge design. High gloss...
  • Accessories: hard-shell carrying case , updated matching RemoteTalk cable

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Final Thoughts: Should you Buy Beats Solo 2?

If you are looking for neat and fashionable headphones with good sound quality more so bass then Beats Solo 2 is the best option for you.

Let everyone know your experience with the headphones you use in the comments.

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