How to automatically delete messages in iOS 8 and save Space

This article is focused for those who are running out of storage space on their iPhone and are looking for ways to clear some storage memory. With iOS 8, Apple introduced a new auto delete message feature wherein user can use a setting which delete old Messages in iPhone automatically. Of course the messages deleted automatically are according to the option selected. Here, we will be sharing how to automatically delete message in iOS 8 and clear storage space for other useful items.

Automatically Delete Messages iOS 8

To activate the auto delete message in iOS 8 feature and delete old message after they are older than a certain set period follow the steps given below:

1. Go to Settings >  Select Messages

2. In Messages scroll down > Select Keep Messages under Message History label

automatically delete messages ios 8 - Keep Messages
Keep Messages

3. On reaching Keep Messages screen you can set the Messages you want to keep and delete the others. User is provided with 3 options:

  • 30 Days – If you select or activate this option, then all the text Messages and Message attachments older than 30 Days will be permanently deleted from your device.
  • 1 Year – If you select or activate this option, then all the text Messages and Message attachments older than 1 Year will be permanently deleted from your device.
  • Forever –  This is the option which is activated by default and won’t delete any messages from your device unless you delete them manually from Messages App.
Delete Messages Automatically iOS 8
Delete Messages Automatically


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Activating 30 Days or 1 Year will automatically delete Message on your iPhone which becomes older than 30 days or 1 Year depending on the selection you made.

After activating this setting you need not bother about deleting messages manually as this auto delete message feature in iOS 8 will do it for you and free up some Storage space occupied by old Messages.

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