How to Automatically Delete Your Facebook Account After You Die

It is always better to plan for your social media accounts like permanent deletion of your account or handing over to some trusted contacts after death. You can let someone access your Facebook account after you die with the help of Facebook Legacy Contact feature. Also, Facebook can automatically delete your account after death. This feature lets you delete the account of the deceased person and also lets you to make the settings so that your Facebook account will be deleted after death automatically.

How to make  the Dead Person Facebook Account Deletion Request

If you are looking to permanently delete the deceased person Facebook account, you can make a special request on Facebook know as memorialization request, where it will ask for the name of the person, date of death and the proof of death which is optional.

Automatically Delete Facebook Account After Death

In order to setup your Facebook account to automatically delete it after you pass away, you have to make a request to Facebook. Here is how you can make account deletion request.

1) Open your Facebook account.

2) Click on the drop-down icon at the top right and choose Settings.

what happens to your facebook account when you passes away

3) From the left side panel, click on Security option and then look for the Legacy Contact and click on Edit as shown in the picture.

how to automatically delete your facebook account after you die

4) Next, look for the “Request account deletion” option and click on it.

how to setup facebook account to delete automatically after death

5) After this, “Delete Your Account in the Future” window will pop up. This is to confirm that the Facebook account will be deleted after death. Click on “Delete After Death” button.

how to delete deceased persons facebook account

This will automatically delete Facebook account after death. Facebook will delete all your info, post and photos and no one will be able to see your Facebook profile again and the content will be deleted safely.

How Facebook will Get to know About User’s Death & Delete the Account

You might be wondering that how Facebook will get to know about the death of the person. For this, user’s family member or a friend has to make a memorialization request to Facebook, requesting to delete the account of the user permanently.

1) Open the memorialization request URL on the desktop.

how does facebook get to know of users death and then delete account
2) Enter all the required details. If possible also provide the Proof of Death of the person.
3) Finally, click on the Send button to make the request to the Facebook.

We hope you were able to make the settings for Facebook account deletion request easily. If you are facing any issues, do let us know via comments. Share this article to let everyone know about this feature.

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