How to Remove Or Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Smartphone

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android

Are you irritated with multiple identical contacts in your Android smartphone? If yes then use this article to learn how to delete duplicate contacts in Android and put an end to your misery. It’s something that is annoying but has a tendency to happen. It happens when you put a SIM card into your new phone … Read more

How To Customize iPhone/iPad Lock Screen with these tips

How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen

Follow our article to know about the tips which can help you to customize iPhone lock screen. Make your iOS device lively by personalizing the lock screen. When you first get your iPhone/iPad, you just can’t wait to start giving your own personal touch. You want anyone who see’s to know that your style is … Read more

Facebook Messenger Features And Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About

hidden facebook messenger games tricks features

Top 11 hidden Facebook messenger games, features, secrets, and tricks you are not aware of. Hidden Emojis, Games, Secret Conversations, mute notifications, and a lot more features that Facebook Messenger offers. Mark Zuckerberg has managed to dominate the instant messaging business. Not just by buying WhatsApp, but also with Facebook Messenger. The app was born … Read more

How To Create A Snapchat Story Plus Tips To Get The Most Out Of It

Create Snapchat Story

Follow this Snapchat tutorial to know everything about Snapchat Stories. Here, you will learn how to create Snapchat Stories and tips which will help you to get the most out of Story feature on Snapchat. It is a proven fact that Snapchat is one of the most popular apps out there. Snapchat allows us to … Read more