LastPass Vs 1Password: Best And Safest Password Manager

LastPass vs 1Password

Almost everything you do online requires a password for initializing. All apps and websites at some point in time require you to keep a password so that your data is secured and only you can access it whenever you want. We all avoid keeping the same password for all the platforms because that’s a risky business but … Read more

7 Best Flashlight Apps For Android and iPhone

Flashlight - Torch LED Light

We all have flashlights in our phones for taking pictures in low light and torch purposes. But sometimes you need a little extra work from your flashlight. Like for call alerts, creating disco effects with music and at times even just for playing with the different colors of the light. So, here is the list … Read more

7 Best Astrology Apps For Android And iPhone

Best Astrology Apps for Android and iPhone

You often believe that the celestial bodies choose your fortune. You go to an Astrologer, Tarot reader, Palm reader and what not to know about your fate. It has become old-fashioned now and often it is time-consuming too. But what if we told you that you can do all of it right from your smartphone? From the … Read more

7 Best Apps For Anime Lovers On Android and iPhone

Best Apps for Anime on Android and iOS

Originated in Japan, then liked highly in China, now Anime is everywhere. It has become one of the most popular categories of entertainment. Due to its catchy visuals, characters and enjoyable storyline, adults also watch it religiously. There are hundreds of awesome apps available for television, socializing addicts, study geeks and fitness enthusiasts etc. So, as anime … Read more