10 Audacity Alternatives To Consider

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Audacity has been around since a long time now and made its name as a free audio editing software. The software has been playing a very important role in the life of video creators and aspiring singers in editing their audio files. It lets you play with your audio files by trimming and joining parts to different audio tracks. You can also use it to tweak your audio files to make them louder or remove the background noises. There is support for various plugins that you can easily download off the internet. It has a super easy to use user interface and available to download on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

However perks it has, Audacity doesn’t allow the user to edit multiple files at once. If you haven’t used it yet, I think its worth a try. But if you need more than that or facing issues with running it. Then there are loads of other options out there that you can use for the same purpose.  We have curated a list of 10 best Audacity alternatives that you can opt according to your necessities.

Best Audacity Alternatives

1. OcenaudioOcenaudio

Ocenaudio is practically perfect for quick and easy editing of your audio files. It is not a heavyweight software, that means it will run swiftly even on a PC with average specs. It is easy to use and supports shortcut keys just like Audacity. Now, this is not meant for editing big music production files or professional work being. Instead, it is widely used by the people who want to edit their audio files but doesn’t want a complicated software. It offers tons of basic effects to apply and adjustments to make on your audio files. All the audio formats are supported and can edit multiple files at once. Ocenaudio is an open source software and comes with support for all the major platforms

Download Ocenaudio

2. WavePadWavePad

This is a fully professional audio and music editor developed by NCH Software and falls under the NCH Suite. Functionality wise, it is not just limited to basic editing features but also supports compression of a file, batch processing for converting many files at once and VST plugins. The user interface might get a little complicated for new users. But they have sorted this problem by providing links to video tutorials for performing basic tasks. In addition, you can record high-quality audio, load tracks from CD or its own sound library that has hundreds of sound effects.

The good thing is you don’t need to download separate text to speech software as it has a tool for that. There is also a tool for changing the voice that can be useful in many instances. This powerful audio editing software has free mobile versions as well. For Windows and iOS, it’s free for the home user but has premium editions as well.

Download WavePad

3. Adobe Audition CCAdobe Audition CC

If you are willing to pay for audio editing software and need a premium grade editing experience then Adobe Audition CC is for you. In case you are editing audio of your video file then you don’t have to extract audio from it using other tools as you can directly edit the audio in your video. Also, it is a part of creative cloud so if you use other Adobe software for graphic designing then importing files will be convenient for you. With the creative cloud, you can also see hundreds of stepwise tutorials on Adobe Audition CC.

You can do pretty much everything from simple audio editing to high-end music production. The user interface is way simpler other paid software of this level. It is best for sampling your music files and recording a podcast on your computer. Audio formats like MP3, WAV, AIFF,  AAC, HE-AAC, CAF, FLAC WMA, and multiple plugins are supported. It is available to download on Windows and Mac at the cost of $20/month.

Download Adobe Audition CC

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4. WavosaurAudacity alternatives - Wavosaur

Wavosaur is another lightweight alternative of Audacity that can edit multiple files in different tabs. Despite being a software of 1 MB in size, it has all the advanced editing features. Like auto trimmer, silence remover or insert silence, vocal remover and create loops. Export an audio file of supported format or record audio from your systems sound input to begin. The fun part is that you can change its background if you don’t like the default one. Like Audacity, it is free software but supports Windows operating systems only.

Download Wavosaur

5. ArdourArdour

This software for editing audio files is for someone who is already familiar with audio editing software. It can prove a little time consuming for people who are looking for quick fixes in their audio file or recording podcasts. It is a high-end software that provides premium grade editing services for a way lesser price than its competition. Ideal for music composers, recording artists, and audiophiles. It also supports recording through multiple microphones or headphones devices and you can also see your recording wave and adjust it parallelly.

It is not completely free, as the free version will go silent after 10 minutes of usage. Although you can choose from 4 monthly subscription plans of $1, $4, $10, $50. The pricing is quite peculiar as all the payment plans get you the same thing. It just there for the user to choose and support the development of software. Also, I couldn’t find any Linux supported high-quality audio editing software except this one. Available to download on Mac and Windows too.

Download Ardour

6. AV Audio EditorAV Audio Editor

AV Audio Editor is free audio editing software that you can use if you want to edit multiple tracks. For example when you want to edit podcast recording from two or more audio sources. You will, however, have to download AV Audio and Sound recorder to integrate the recording feature in it. Other than that it already offers many editing features, sound effects and presets for you to choose. AVS Audio Editor also doubles as an audio extractor for separating audio from a video file. Supported audio formats include AAC, MP4, MP3, FLAC, APE, MPC, OGG, SPX, WV, TTA, WMA, etc. From a beginner perspective, the user interface is easy-to-navigate and perform basic level editing. Unfortunately, it is a Windows-only audio editor that runs in all the Windows platforms.

Download AV Audio Editor


LMMS stands for Linux MultiMedia studio, which is a free cross-platform replacement of Audacity. It is generally used for producing music on your computer as the home page of the website says “Let’s make music”. It lets you playback instruments with a typing or MIDI keyboard and contains ready to use presents, instrument samples, and effects. Interface-wise the software is quite modern and user-friendly.

When you run LMMS you will have three windows to work in, the song editor, the beat+bassline editor, and the FX mixer. Instrument plugins like AudioFileProcessor and BitInvader are supported and you can just drag and drop them into the beat+bassline editor and start using them. It is one of the few software that has support for Linux OS including Windows and Mac.

Download LMMS

8. AudioDopeAudioDope

AudioDope is for people who look for audio editing software that is powerful, yet compact. Someone who has worked with audio editing tools will have no problem while using the program. It provides you support for multiple audio files such as MP3, APE, FLAC, OGG, ACE, WMA and more. The interface looks a bit outdated, but every operation related to trimming, inserting, deleting, and pasting audio files can be done. It has a bunch of additional tools, such as noise generator, text-to-speech, frequency analyzer, and tone generator. You can download it for free and install it on every Windows platform.

Download AudioDope

9. Logic Pro XLogic Pro X

It is a very efficient and high-end Mac-only software that comes with a hefty price tag. This audio editing and production software stand among the best ones out there. If you are a Mac user and want the best that Apple has to offer, this is what you should consider. It offers the user to download a large number of audio samples from the sound library.  Supports MIDI plugins and software instruments and can also integrate with third-party plugins.

The user interface is easy to work with and the software runs without any glitch. If you have ever used Garageband, Apple’s other recording software then operating it will come naturally to you. In my opinion, the price tag of $199 seems pretty reasonable if we look at all the features and excess it provides.

Download Logic Pro X

10. FL StudioFl Studio

It is a DAW(Digital audio workstation) software and one of the best on the market for learning to mix audios. FL Studio is used by many EDM music creators for recording, editing and producing audio files. Even if you are a beginner EDM creator, then this is a good alternative of other DAWs. To make it more convenient to operate it has a multi-touch capability for mixing audio.

Apart from normal editing features, it has Step-mode, Note-mode, and Drum-mode. With Step-mode users can create patterns and sequence while Note-mode is for adding melodies and Drum-mode brings NPC style drum. Not only it runs on Windows and Mac, but it also has separate iOS and Android versions. FL Studio is not a free program but it does have a free trial version for you to check out before buying.

Download FL Studio

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With this list, now you have 10 more options to consider for editing your audio files. Every alternative of Audacity we mentioned has something unique about them, it’s up to the user to choose according to their requirements. For those who are starting out as a video maker or producing music can take help from hundreds of video tutorials on the internet. Further, for your queries regarding any specific software on the list, you can seek us out through comments.

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