Aprofita: Get Healthy Discount On Paid iOS Apps

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App Store for iOS platform has been the only app market. And it has been that way for too long. Developers have been struggling to get attention from the users for any new app which they have introduced in the market. Users were not able to land good deals while installing any paid app.

Due to these reasons, options were quite limited both for developers and users. Developers not getting enough exposure and margin due to marketing expenses. Users not getting any kind of profit or cashback.

This is where Aprofita comes in.

Aprofita Review

In layman terms, Aprofita is just an App Store addon. It is a store outlet for iOS users which provides way many benefits than a regular App Store. Aprofita redirects you to the same old App Store which you have been using for the entire time.

Confused? Let me explain.

Why Aprofita?

To make it easy, I’ll break it down into developers and users.


Aside from making an app, developers also need to advertise to get as many installations as possible for their app. You might be aware that advertising requires extra expenditure. But here comes the tricky part. There’s no way to make sure that traffic will be generated or not on a regular basis even after spending so much.


We often feel like we are being charged way more extra. Yeah, sure the app is great and all but still we wish that somehow premium amount could be reduced.

Aprofita fulfills the need of both developers and users at the same time. It acts as a bridge between developers and users.

How Does It Work?

  • It allows developers to post links to their apps on Aprofita and give users huge discounts instead of advertising and spending money on other platforms.
  • Acting as a middleman, it provides marketing for developers by giving users cashback on installing those apps.
  • In order to receive cashback, the user has to sign in or sign up with Aprofita using Facebook or email account. Sign up is free for users and it hardly takes a minute to fill in your details and proceed.
  • Whenever the user selects an app and proceed, a pop up will notify that cashback will be processed after 24 hours. After that, Aprofita redirects the user to that app listing on App Store.Aprofita how it works

This way users can enjoy a healthy discount on paid apps and developers get more installations and traffic to their app.


Aprofita search bar

The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. You can easily search the app that you want to install or browse normally through categories like Aprofita Discovery, New Products, Best Preordered etc. to find what you are looking for. Aprofita takes care of redirecting its users to the App Store which is fast and accurate.

Aprofita Categories

This platform highlights popular apps by mentioning them in different sections like the App of the day and Most Wished.

Aprofita Interface

Aprofita Review

It also notifies you about great deals which are about to expire in Expiring Soon section. You also get to know about upcoming apps in the Best Preordered section. Right now, the only payment method is Paypal which is accepted worldwide.

Aprofita payment mode


  • It is free for users. They just need to sign up to Aprofita account.
  • Developers used to get 200$ as a starter bonus to market their apps but now it has been reduced to 100$.


  • It is a win-win situation for everyone. For users, developers and Aprofita as well.
  • Users can get cash back up to 100%. Although finding an app with 100% is a little bit difficult but still, apps above 50% cashback are easily available.
  • Developers get to saves money. In addition, they also receive exposure and organic traffic to their apps.


Aprofita is available in beta version only which means they still have some major areas to work upon.

  •  Aprofita site only supports USD right now. They need to add some more currencies for other countries.
  • Currently, only PayPal is available as a Payment Method. That said, they will be adding more soon.
  • No Aprofita app.

If you are an iOS user and want to use the paid app then you must try Aprofita. No second thoughts about that. It is definitely worth trying. Moreover, Android is coming in the next few weeks as well. As it’s still in Beta version so we can expect some major additions and improvements soon.

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