7 Apps And Sites Like Poshmark For A Great Closet Collection

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Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell fashion for women, men, and kids. This app made its name as it provides the best fashion at reasonable prices whether it’s new or a resell. But it also has its limitations. If you are from somewhere outside the USA, maybe you will not be able to buy or sell from Poshmark. They have a great marketplace but often the shipping rates are high. It’s ok if you buy multiple products bundling up to 5lbs but imagine just buying a thing for 10$ and paying around 6$ as shipping. So, here we bring you the best apps and sites like Poshmark which will fulfill your cravings for fashion.

Poshmark Alternatives To Buy And Sell Fashion

1. The Luxury Closet

The luxury Closet - apps and sites like poshmark

Like Poshmark this app is also dedicated to delivering best luxury fashion to anyone who is willing to trade them. The Luxury Closet is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury fashion items, new or preowned. Buy from a wide range of collection and brands. Tap heart icon to include any product in your wishlist. You can also set a reminder for product price, which will help you in informing when its price has reduced. To buy anything contact the seller just by a phone call or place an order through the app.

Apart from buying, the selling part is really easy in this app. What you have to do is fill a submission form with all the details of your product and your contact information. Then their team will send you the quotation and payout price to you. If you are satisfied with the price, just send your item to them. They will take care of everything regarding the selling of the product. Then once the item is sold they will pay you. Simply send, sit and relax.

Apart from this, their website is also very convenient to use which also makes it one of the top sites like Poshmark.

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2. letgo

Letgo - reselling fashion

letgo is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell anything you want by posting the details of your product. It is one of the best apps like Poshmark because you can also search for cars, home decor, phones etc. apart from fashion, clothing, and accessory here. Sell items that you do not use or buy what you want at a reasonable price.

The good thing about this app is once you search for an item you can set alert for it. So, whenever something new in that category is up for sale you will get notified immediately. You can also see more apps like letgo for trading of almost anything.

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3. Tradesy

Sites like poshmark - Tradesy

Tradesy is another app that will help you in trading of clothes and fashion accessories within the reach of your fingertip. This app is solely dedicated to women’s fashion. Buy from top brands and designers like Chanel, GUCCI, PRADA, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Unlike all the other apps Tradesy has one of the best shipping systems for sellers. If you are selling any product with them, they will provide you with prepaid shipping package with gift wrap and shipping address. All you have to do is just pack the item and forward it to post.

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4. Vintag: Buy And Sell And Share Vintage


This Poshmark alternative app is not only for the people who love fashion but also for the people who love things from the past and fashion geeks. As you can tell by its name, Vintag is an app that will provide you with the vintage collections of fashions that may be hard to see or find nowadays in any store.

This is what we can call a vintage social world, whether its clothes or any other item. Explore sellers of multiple items and category and see all their products. Not only buy, you can also follow and like profiles of sellers and their products. Talk to the seller or the person who posted an item directly through this app and keep a track of what you bought and sold under My Vintag. You can also sell any vintage or very different from its kind product if you like.

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5. Etsy


Etsy stands out among all the other apps in the list because of what it has to offer. You will get handmade products for every category. Whether you want a nice dress for yourself or something to gift to a friend. No matter what you want, you can find anything in this app from every corner of the world. You can even explore the local Etsy sellers that are listed on the app.

If you want you can also be a seller on Esty. For that, you have to download another app i.e. Sell on Etsy. You can sell something creative that you have made and have a good feeling about. With secure pay and tracking for orders, this surely looks the best place to let your creativity soar the sky.

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6. Gilt

Gilt - apps like poshmark

Looking for a place where you can find designer clothing at a reasonable price? Gilt can be your spot. Buy from top designer brands like Valentino, Stuart Weitzman etc. and grab some really great discounts. Whether you want something for women, men, kids or your home it has everything for you. It provides new offers and latest fashion every day. You can also have notifications for upcoming sales.

Moving ahead, this app also has some additional features and local offers for popular states in the US. You will be able to shop at local retailers and eat at restaurants while using their service. You can also get discounts, reviews, and details for the place you want to visit.

After the delivery, if you don’t like any product or if it is damaged then you can easily return it back and track it with a refund within 30 days of shipping of the product.

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Poshmark Alternative - GOAT

Coming to the last app, we bring you GOAT. This app deals in sneaker shoes. I love shoes and I know most of the people love them too and its one of the major part of style and fashion. So I didn’t want to miss this app.

GOAT sells sneaker from many of the renowned brands like Nike, Jordans and many more. Apart from this, they also sell their own GOAT brand sneakers by collaborating with other shoe brands. You can also sell your product with them. In order to make sure the sneakers are of good quality, GOAT authenticates all the shoes before sending it for shipping so that the customers are always satisfied. You can also check the shoes that are trending, discover the new style of fashion and buy form that too.

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Apps And Sites Like Poshmark You Can Use

When it comes to reselling, people usually buy things that are either expensive to buy as new or the product which is in great condition and these Poshmark alternatives surely serve their purpose here.

We have provided the apps that will give you a new way to upgrade your wardrobe and also get rid of the clothing which you have not worn for a long time. This way, you can earn some extra cash for yourself and buy new things without stressing your wallet. Everyone has different taste and needs and we hope that these apps will allow you to find whatever you are looking for.

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