Top 6 Apps Like Boomerang For Android and iOS

If you are one of those who cannot get enough of the Boomerang app, we feel you. Boomerang from Instagram was first of the many features Instagram had rolled to make it more popular and what a start it was! The concept was so simple: make a short video and let it play forward and backward in a loop. But the sheer innovation of it made Boomerang a favorite of millions overnight. However, nothing is perfect, including technology. Boomerang is great, but it is not everything. If you are someone who loves the concept of Boomerang but not the app, here are some apps like Boomerang for Android and iPhone you might want to try.

Apps Like Boomerang

1) VivaVideo

Boomerang Alternative - VivaVideo

One of the most powerful video editing apps in the market and is one of the great Boomerang alternatives. While Boomerang is great for only one task, Viva Video is good for many. The Video editor is extremely powerful for a mobile app and comes with a horde of features. The app also comes with camera filters that allow you to make beautiful videos and pictures. You can also create a slideshow to be used elsewhere.

Viva Video apparently has only one purpose – to make video editing fun. With the social media plugin, you can easily share your videos with your friends.

Android | iOS

2) LoopVid

LoopVid - Apps like Boomerang

If the looping video is what made you like Boomerang, then you will fall in love with LoopVid. You can create looping videos with the same ease, but with extra features and for longer durations. You can save your favorite looping moments as either video or GIFs.

On the downside, LoopVid might not be as fast as Boomerang, with the interface not as good. But if you are willing to ignore that, then LoopVid is an amazing alternative to Boomerang. Currently, it is available only on iOS.


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3) InstaBoom

Apps Similar to Boomerang - InstaBoom

What if you only wanted Boomerang, but with an additional feature? Then, you might as well try InstaBoom. Right from its name, InstaBoom makes it clear that it is not here to do something innovative. It is simply targeting a niche market that is looking for something similar to Boomerang.

InstaBoom allows you to create a 1-second video that plays forward and backward. Exactly like Boomerang, but with one extra feature. InstaBoom also allows you to create short videos that would play on a loop (that is, like a GIF). The interface is quite appealing, and the app is quite easy to use.


4) Flipagram

Alternative to Boomerang - Flipagram

If you are bored of the single feature Boomerang provides and want to try something new, Flipagram is the one you should choose. One of the most popular apps in the world, Flipagram lets you create some amazing videos. Some of the great features Flipagram provides you are:

  • Full-screen flips
  • Adding up to 60 seconds of music into the video
  • Full-Screen viewing
  • Adding filters to the videos

Frankly, if you are a video-enthusiast, then Flipagram is a worthy choice.

Android | iOS

5) Slowmographer


If you have had enough of the boomerang effect and want to try something new, perhaps you would love Slowmographer. The app, as the name suggests, is all about capturing beautiful, slow-motion videos. To make the videos even more amazing, you can add transition effects and filters.

Slowmographer gives you a variety of more features to keep you engaged. There is a burst mode to capture multiple shots in a row, flicker remover and a Make Mix feature. You can also share the videos on every popular social media and chat platform, or save it as a video or GIF.


6) Vine

Vine - Boomerang alternative app

If you are looking for something cool, but for Twitter instead of Instagram, Vine seems like an apt choice. The app is quite straightforward: you record a short video of 6 seconds and add some montages to it. The interface is quite simple without any complex functionality, and it is terribly easy to share the videos on Twitter. There is also a whole community where you can explore videos shared by other users.

There are some flaws in Vine, including the inability to import the recorded videos or editing the videos with effects. But apart from that, Vine is a pretty sweet app to use.

Android | iOS

We hope that these apps like Boomerang gave you enough options you were looking for. Try out these apps and share your experience in the comments.


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