7 Apps for Creating Instagram Stories In An Awesome Way

Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms. More and more artists are using its features to get the most out of their content. And you must be no alien to Instagram stories. Posting creative Instagram stories can lead to relevant engagement eventually resulting in more followers, therefore, more business.  So, looking for a way to step up your Instagram stories game? Check out these apps for creating Instagram Stories that are available for Android and iOS.

Best Apps For Instagram Stories

Let us go through these apps and maybe you can find your ideal Instagram story idea.

1. Unfold

Unfold- Best apps for Instagram stories

This is one of the best Instagram story template apps. First of all, you don’t need to log in or sign up to use its features. Just tap on the Unfold icon on the app menu and start creating innovative stories for your followers.

There are so many templates provided which can easily make your stories stand out. Although not all of them are free, those which are free are more than enough to get you started. Apart from templates, Instagrammers can also add text to their creativity. This app offers you the freedom to manipulate text or fonts like altering font size or changing whitespaces between characters to make your message more appealing.

You can also apply the same changes to videos also rather than sticking only to photos. And all of your content is saved in the highest resolution possible in the gallery.

Check it out on Android and iOS.

2. InShot

InShot app

What better way to engage your audience with a captivating video Instagram story. InShot provides you with all the tools you would need in order to make an exciting video sequence so that you can literally share a story with everyone.

You can easily trim the length of your video to get the most appropriate content out. Or you can opt for creating a video sequence by splitting one video into multiple parts. After completing all the editing, just save the video in HD quality in your videos folder. There is also a video cropper feature which provides you the option to crop videos in any aspect ratio.

And not only videos, but it also offers photo editing features. You can create some awesome collages by combining your favorite snaps in one photograph.

Check it out on Android and iOS.

3. InstaSize


It is an amazing photo editor which can give your stories the edge over other Instagramers. Although it is just a photo editor but is unique in its own ways because of so many filters and photo effects it has. All of those are powered by AVA Technology.

You can use the crop tool to fit your stories in the same aspect ratio as Instagram stories support. If you want to create a collage to summarize all your pics from a trip then you can also accomplish that using this tool. This app does offer a full-screen camera which can always come in handy.

Save your images in High resolution and directly share them via InstaSize to your Story on Instagram and even to other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Check it out on Android and iOS.

4. Canva


This may be the best Instagram story editor app on the list. I wish I had known about this app earlier. It is a must-have app regardless of you trying Instagram stories or not.

Canva is more of a designing app in which you can explore limitless readymade templates and frames. Unlike other apps, Canvas templates are efficiently categorized. You will find all sorts of them like for travel, birthday, quotes and whatnot. Users can easily add text to their images to convey messages.

For those of you who have heard about stock photography would be aware of this app. It has over 1 millions stock photos in their library. You can also use this app as a photo editor for your existing snaps.

Check it out on Android and iOS.

5. Boomerang

Boomerang -Instagram Story app

Don’t you love those seconds short videos and GIFS when scrolling through social media? I am obsessed with these kinds of videos. And for those of you who are obsessed like me, Boomerang is the perfect Instagram Story editor app especially in 2018.

There is not much to the user interface here. Just tap the video shutter and capture creativity on the move. It’s not even going to take longer than 3 seconds. After recording, you can easily share it on Instagram and also on your other social media accounts just by a single tap.

If you are looking for more engagement from your followers then this is definitely the best way to go for it.

Check it out on Android or iOS.

6. Phonto

Apps for creating Instagram Stories - Phonto

Text on Photos. Sometimes normal text on Instagram stories just doesn’t sit well. Sure you can still add text from Instagram itself for just the sake of adding it. But if you want to take your Instagram game to the next level then you are looking for Phonto.

It offers more than 200 fonts to select from. Plus, you can also install other fonts too. Imagine any text alteration and you can execute it with phonto. All the way from to text and color changing to text background color and letter spacing.

iOS version of this app has more features and fonts as compared to the Android. You can remove ads by buying the premium version.

Check it out on Android and iOS.

7. Video Splitter

Video splitter

Biggest issues with Instagram stories is that we can only upload videos up to 15 seconds. Any longer than that and it will hide the rest of the video which is so annoying. Unfortunately, this app is not available on iOS right now.

Video Splitter helps you to split your long videos into really short videos of equal time as per your choice. This way you can create a series of videos as stories rather than missing out so much of the important content in your videos. After trimming videos, you can preview them to check if they are in sync or not. And they are ready to be shared.

Check it out on Android

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I made sure to include one app in every category so that you could get the best apps for creating Instagram stories. Let us know if we missed any important one.


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