Apple will design its own Hardware Suspecting Interception

With a suspicion of its hardware parts getting seized before being delivered, the tech-giant Apple has already started designing the servers at their own responsibility. If sources are to be believed, the suspicion has been looming around for a long time when it was reportedly found that the server parts which are being ordered from the supply chain are intercepted before shipping.

What’s more depressing is the additional chips and firmware were being attached with Apple’s servers by unknown third parties. While this forgery is claiming a toll on Apple’s credibility, it is also making Apple’s own servers vulnerable to infiltration. To deal with this, Apple, at a point, had assigned people to take the exclusive photographs of the motherboards and at the same time interpret the function of each chip. At this point of credibility crisis, the only way left for Apple is to design its own servers with motherboards, so that the unauthorized prying via third party chips can be deterred right at this moment.

Apple hardware suspecting interception

Apple’s insiders say that the National Security Agency was aware of the interception beforehand and had accordingly asked to modify each of the equipment before it is released in the market. The source has also noted that it was not possible to get an “X-ray” of every machine that is released. At a point of time, Apple has only focused on checking if there’s any unauthorized activity happened in the computers.

Following this incident, Apple had also fights with the US Government over the issue whether they have to rewrite the new software that would help investigators unlocking a terrorist’s high-security iPhone. However, in such cases, Apple has already worked on the security of its products so that further decryption is not possible. In addition, the company has also taken strict measures against the illegal snooping that also challenge encryption.

After a full-fledged turmoil over the interception issue, Apple has decided to walk on the path of web-boomers Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google, who are designing their own servers keeping the prospect of improved efficiency in mind. For this purpose, Apple has already used Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to deal with the significant part of the iCloud. Recently, the company has reportedly begun using Google Cloud Platform too.

However, Apple prefers relying on its own data centres and hence they prefer to carry out the onus of designing its own hardware. It’s not just the security, rather Apple is taking this stance to deal with the credibility issues. No wonder, it is trying to build more of its own infrastructure.

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However, sources say that the company’s desire to build its own hardware has been extremely slow compared to other tech giants. However, the information reports say, Apple’s significant project is underway to make cloud services instantly available for its million of iPhone owners.


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