Finally Apple Watch coming to India, Release Date and Price

At the launch of the most talked about product this year, Apple’s CEO Mr. Tim Cook said to his sales staff,

We have never sold anything as a company that people could try on before

Apple Watch Release Date in India

After the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in the Indian markets this year, another Apple product lined up to hit the Indian Market on the 6th Nov 2015 called Apple Watch. The news of Apple Watch coming to India is music to the ears of Apple lovers who were desperately waiting for the product to hit the stores.  

Apple watch release date
Apple Watch

Apple Watch Price in India

Apple Watch, first hit the markets of Canada, Japan and United States in April. Then on October 22nd, it entered the markets of Saudi Arabia and UAE. The next day it became available in the Phillipines, South Africa and Chile. And, finally, it is getting launched in India. The pricing has not yet been disclosed by the company, according to the global prices prevailing in the market, it is expected that the pricing of the basic model would be around INR 22,000. And the higher models will go up to a whopping INR 11,00,000.


Apple watch is a Smartwatch launched by the Tech Giant which is integrated with iOS and other Apple products such as iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and most recent 6S. It relies on the wireless network connecting the iPhones to the Apple watch through Bluetooth and Wifi. For the first time Apple is spending a lot on the marketing of its product. For instance, the fashion magazine Vogue had a huge 12 page print ad campaign trying to market the product as a fashion accessory.  Apple wants a good product placement in the market as this is happening for the first time that it is foraying in a different segment altogether of Wearable Tech.

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Apple Watch models are available in 3 collections called, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition differentiated in terms of materials used. The 3 collections are further divided in 2 case sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm with around 38 individual models available in different colors and bands. The hardware in Apple Watch uses S1 System-on-chip. Special mention of the ‘Heart Rate Sensor’ which uses both Infrared, LED’S and Photo diodes. Apple Watch has fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities, one of the most important feature from its sales point of view.


Apple Watch
Apple Watch in three variants

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The software in the watch is named as, iOS Watch. It must be paired with a minimum iPhone 5 or phones supporting the iOS 8.2. The watch technically has 8 GB storage. It is charged by the means of inductive charging with a battery life of 18 hours. The “Digital Crown” feature includes the mechanism to scroll, zoom and return to home screen option. The touch screen used in Apple watch is Force Touch Technology, making it pressure sensitive.  There is a side button on the watch to display a list of contacts or access Apple Pay.

The Watch has invited controversy as well, but is listed by the Forbes as one of the top 25 inventions of 2015. We can’t wait for it too. Go Apple !


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