Amazing Bands allows you to use Apple Watch for multiple occasions

Apple Watch is the first ever wearable device by Apple and was released on April 24th, 2015 earlier this year in Nine countries which included US,Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and Japan. Apple Watch is yet to be launched in other countries. We, at TechUntold along with many other Apple users are waiting eagerly for the Apple Watch to be launched in  India and most probably it will be launched in India around July or August, 2015. Apple Watch is launched in three versions Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch regular version and Apple Watch Edition. However, you can use same Apple Watch for different occasions with the help of different bands available.

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Apple Watch Bands

Similar Apple Watch for Different Purposes

It has been noticed in the countries in which the Apple Watch has been launched that the users are opting for the Apple Sport Watch version being the cheapest one priced at US $349. Thereafter, Apple Watch users are going for the bands which are available as accessories for Apple Watch. Using the Watch Band, users are able to use the same Apple Sport Watch for multiple occasions. 

Extra Watch Band for Apple Watch costs around US $149 for leather and US $449 for stainless steel. Using the Bands users are able to make use of Apple Watch for multiple purposes and have ended up spending more on Apple Watch than they originally intended to. It has been reported that Apple is making good money from the Apple Watch Bands.

However, with this users can use the same Sport Watch for Professional Meeting purpose by using the leather Band and using the same Watch for Gym by using the Sport Band. It is like Razor-Blade business, where once Razor is sold Blades are needed for sure as accessories. Here, Apple is selling Apple Watch Sport Model for a modest and reasonable price and then getting profits from sales of Watch bands.

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This is leading to Apple having major profits not only because of Apple Watch sales but also sales of Watch Bands which allows users to use same watch for multiple purposes which is truly amazing 🙂

Apple Watch Bands has given huge profits to Apple Watch and the bands are really awesome and allows users to use cheapest Sport Model for Multiple purposes or allows single Apple Watch to be used for multiple occasions so to say.


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