Apple working on thinner, lighter and more efficient display

Apple is reportedly working on new display technology that is going to be thinner, lighter, brighter and even more energy-efficient.

We all know how meticulous Apple is when it comes to the products it works on for release in the consumer market. However, the technology adaptation might be slow with the company’s culture but Apple never disappoints with the actual usage of the features it provides through their ‘a class apart’ products.

When iPhone 4 came with the Retina Display, everybody was mesmerized by the clarity and crispness of the display that boasted 326 ppi which Apple effectively claimed will make the individual pixels indistinguishable by the human eye. The display was a custom aluminosilicate LCD and since then Apple has been working on the LCD displays which are getting better generation by generation.

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But with the new secret production factory dedicated to developing display technologies in Taiwan, Apple is taking further the innovation in display technology. Around 50 engineers and various employees are said to be working on new displays for both the iPhone and the iPad. The displays are said to be using organic LED(s) which are thinner and don’t require a backlight. Apple has already announced that they will be using OLED displays from 2018 in their iPhones and iPads (currently using in Apple Watch). This will benefit with greater contrast levels and much deeper blacks which will ultimately help in saving energy and hence will positively affect the battery life.

Apple thinner lighter displays - secret lab
Apple’s Secret Lab

One of the main reasons for switching to an in-house display technology will be to pull itself from relying on the companies like Samsung, Sharp and Japan Display for their displays. They do a lot of research in their own space but the actual manufacturing is dependent on other companies. With microLED also in the list of adaptations but with the fact that a new technology takes a lot of time to get aquainted with the motives of the manufacturing process, switching to OLED seems a robust step taken to enhance their iPhones and iPads. The company has hired the employees for the display project from competitors like AU Optronics and Qualcomm.

Apple thinner lighter displays - retina display
iPhone 6s Retina Display

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The step seems to be taken a little late when competitors like LG and Samsung are already in the market with products using OLED technology. But, I believe that Apple is going to enhance the technology even further because they know how to ‘use’ technology, say for example, the NFC. Apple has used the NFC technology where it should be actually used in the form of Apple Pay. No wonder why sending files was not adapted as a primary usage of NFC  as Samsung and others had percieved the future. This is the reason why the company has no “Wireless Charging” support. Well this time its going to be displays, so let’s see what new Apple can bring to us.


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