Apple Support gets more than 120K followers on day one

Apple yesterday created a Twitter account by the handle @AppleSupport to help customers solve problems relating to their Apple devices. Despite of its abstinence in social media in a general manner, Apple is using Twitter for customer support with answering every two to three tweets regarding customers’ problems even when Apple Support works for only 15 hours a day.

After 24 hours the account had over 121 thousand followers and over 2,000 tweets. The number of followers are around 130K now. Adoption of social media as a customer support platform is not happening for the first time. Apple jumped into this section after a fairly long time since Microsoft has its Xbox support on Twitter since 2009 which is also famous for faster replies and bags an impressive consumer satisfaction score. The Senior Vice President for Apple Retail, Angela Ahrendts tweeted:

Sprinklr is the company behind the managing of the Apple Support account. It is a social media management software developed by a fast growing New York based startup.


Apple has always been reluctant to appear on social media considering its absence of an overall Facebook page and comparatively little tweeting through its other Twitter accounts like @iTunes, @Beats1, @iBooks and many more, but this new support account is going bonkers with thousands of followers and tweets.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also congratulated Apple on this new service and said a few words about how this social media platform can actually help multi-million dollar companies to grow and help millions of customers right on their phones or laptops at their convenience. Twitter has been building features for this type of use by other commercial organizations like dropping the 140 character limit from Direct Messages and making it easier for businesses to talk to the customers via DMs.

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Clearly the company has a deep understanding with the customers and requires them to feel free to talk over social media without going into a store or making any calls. Customer satisfaction has always been a big deal for Apple and with this new support providing method, the transparency between the company and the users has increased by levels.


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