Apple’s ‘Start Something New’ campaign extols the jaw-dropping capabilities of iPhones, iPads and even Watch.

Apple has always advertised its products as a piece of art, something that is entirely different from the other devices in the consumer market. The new iPad Pro has been directly advertised as a product for creative professionals but we didn’t knew the full creative capabilities of the other Apple products until the company emphasized the artistic capabilities of the iPad, iPhone and even Apple Watch through its exclusive art-oriented campaign named ‘Start Something New’.apple start something new campaign

‘Start Something New’ aims to “Explore bold new work that artists are creating with Apple products.” This is not new as Apple last year retouched its retail stores temporarily with paintings and photographs, materializing the creative minds of the Apple device owners under the same title for the campaign. This year, Apple is also providing two new workshops without any charges to inspire people to start something start something new campaign - devices

One of the workshops allows you to learn creative photography techniques on the iPhone while the other one focuses on using iPads for sketching, drawing and painting. These workshops are provided as an addition to the iPhone Photography and Videography workshops already provided at all the Apple retail stores worldwide.

This year, the ‘Start Something New’ displayed some breath-taking manifestations of artists and their creativity with their canvas being Retina Displays and brushes being Apple Pencils and human fingers. The artists who consists of professional photographers, visual designers and painters from around the world made these brilliant pieces if art using mainly iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Some of the masterpieces were carried out using the finesse of MacBook Pro, iMac and Apple Pencil with iPad Pro.

The purpose of the campaign is to let the fellow Apple product users to let their imagination run free and express their artistic side while exploring their creative ideas using the products they already own and also understand the subtlety and expressive nature of the same technology that they use to do the tasks which are expected of a phone, tablet and a computer.

One artist, Darren Pearson, even used an Apple Watch in conjunction with iPhone 6s to deliver mind-blowing piece of art (below). How did he do that?

The online gallery is pretty tough to navigate, so we have provided the list of the individual artist pages that made it to the featured ‘Start something new’ page:

Apart from these workshops, Apple is hosting a special event in New York at the West 14th street store on January 7 where five artists will speak about their techniques and ideas.


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