Apple rumored to be jumping into wireless charging technology

Yes, you read it right. Apple is finally going to come up with wireless charging. But Apple being Apple, they have a very unique take on it. Apple is not exactly new to the wireless charging department as the technology has been available with apple for a while with the Apple Watch being charged wirelessly. Apple doesn’t really find the idea of a charging mat really convenient as it still involves cables which isn’t exactly what wireless should stand for.

With competitors like Samsung and Sony already very well gelled in the wireless charging scenario with their charging pads or charging mats, Apple is making a late entry but they are really trying to make it worth it. Apple is working on a technology that could get an iPhone charged at a distance.It is still unclear whether, the distance will be a few inches, feet or meters.

According to sources, the technology could be launched next year. In theory, we are looking at a future where an iPhone could be charged being in your pocket just by walking into a room.

Apple Wireless Charging Technology

Apple had already filed for a patent in which an iPhone can be charged from a meter’s distance from an iMac(which would act as a hub) using a technique called near-field magnetic resonance, back in 2010.

With semiconductor maker companies like Broadcom and Qualcomm already progressing in the wireless charging Apple has certainly has a lot to conquer.

Broadcom offers a chip that supports the three major wireless-charging technical standards while Qualcomm supports two of those technologies and last year said it has developed a method to skirt the problem of metallic interference in charging by connecting the power antenna to the phone’s casing.

Talking about the effect it will have on the industry, this move by Apple could certainly be a force that change the dynamic of the industry.

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Apple has never really been the one to be bringing in completely new technologies, but when they do it, they do it seamlessly, they make it all about the user experience which is why they have been the leader in the business for a while now. Apple could come up with a phone that is completely wireless and needs no cables at all.

For now, all we can do is wait and watch what Apple has in store for us.


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