Apple reports Highest ever Quarterly earnings 2015

Apple reported financial results for it’s fiscal 2015 quarter, recording highest ever quarterly Apple revenue.

Apple has always been in the eyes of the corporate world and every pair of them waits to rest on the quarterly earnings of the company and the stock price and liquidity in the market making a move. This time Apple is off the charts with its ever high records in a single quarter.

Apple quarter results 2015

Apple Quarter Results

With a highly significant increase in its fourth quarter of “the most successful year”, Apple saw $51.5 billion in revenue with a profit of $11.1 billion. In the same quarter a year ago the company saw $42.1 billion in revenue and a net profit of $8.5 billion.

As expected, the iPhone turned out to be the biggest contributor as Apple sold 48 million units during the quarter, which when converted into revenue terms comes out to be a whopping $32.2 billion. These figures only include two days’ worth of the flagship iPhones (6s and 6s Plus) sales. With Apple Watch unit sales not revealed, the company met an all-time high sales in the Mac department, summing up to a total of 5.7 million units or $6.9 billion in the revenue. Even when iPad sales dropping to a significant amount (9.9 million from 12.3 million a year ago) it contributed $4.2 billion.

Highest ever Quarterly earnings Apple
Quarterly earnings surprise history

The new iPhone upgrade program and a significant increase in the switchers from Android counterparts has overallWhile the market was largely unmoved by the quarter 4 reports, almost all the analysts recommend the stock a complete buy and no sell. Fortune and Business Insider along with a lot of analysts from different companies rated the stock a buy while only two consider it neutral and two consider it a hold.  The quarterly earnings surprise history shows that the company is still booming with a handsome earnings per share. Though it has fallen from 3.06 EPS to 1.96 EPS the percentage surprise has increased from 2.78 percent to 4.26 percent in one quarter.

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The new iPhone upgrade program and a significant increase in the switchers from Android counterparts has overall increased the average selling price of the products mainly the iPhones.

With a year booming the revenue up by 28 percent (nearly $234 billion) and an increase of 22.3 percent in the fiscal fourth quarter, calling it “the most successful year” is apt and since the holiday season is coming up along with the strongest product line-up boasting the flagship iPhones, iPad Pro and the all-new Apple TV, the company is expecting to bag $75.5 billion to $77.5 billion in the next quarter.


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