Apple Launches Swift Language for Developers Bye Bye to Objective-C

Good news for Apple iOS and OSX developers. At Apple’s WWDC ( Worldwide Developer Conference) in California 2014, Apple announced a new programming language called Swift language for its Cocoa (OSX) and Cocoa Touch (iOS) application development to replace Objective-C. They have given Swift language a second name, calling it as “Objective-C without the C”. Swift programming language is designed to make programming easier, flexible, more interactive and fun.


Like Objective-C language, Swift language is also going to use the same IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is Xcode to develop Mac OSX & iOS applications. Apple released the beta version of Xcode 6 (IDE) which has new ways to design interfaces and build software to develop high quality apps. Xcode 6 includes Swift programming language; it is designed mainly for Swift with great features. One of the great feature is ‘Playground’.


Playground is used for interactive UI development. Playground is an instantaneous responsive feature in Xcode 6, type a line of code and the corresponding results will be displayed immediately, that makes Swift easier to understand and productive. With playground you have ‘Graph’ to display variables, ‘Timeline Assistant’ to watch the progress of a block of statements and many other such features to help developer to build apps easily and efficiently.


It looks that while developing Swift language they were emphasizing more on the compatibility with Objective-C, because the Objective-C APIs can be used in Swift and Swift APIs can be used with Objective-C. So it won’t be difficult for developers to switch from Objective-C to Swift programming language because Swift project’s structure is also identical to Objective-C. The major difference is that Swift language does not have header files, so all the information about class will be available in ‘.swift’ file.

Soon in future the iOS and OSX developers might say bye bye to Objective-C which developers are currently using from a very long time.

So if you are interested and right away want to start the development for iOS an OSX apps, go through the below link to setup the Swift environment and start developing apps.

How to setup the Swift environment?


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