Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus is surprisingly Waterproof

Apple has shrouded its products in such secrecy that now even the features of its newest products, the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus are kept under the wraps and not mentioned anywhere at all. 

And this mysterious feature of the new iPhone’s is their being “waterproof”. Yes, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus is surprisingly waterproof. So do not start having a panic attack if you drop your brand new iPhone down your toilet or the bathtub. A brave and apparently wealthy YouTuber has discovered that the 6s can survive an hour or even more of being submerged under water. A little tear-down of the iPhone 6s may have pointed towards it being coated with a mild waterproofing material but nothing official has been mentioned of any sort so we can just assume that it was a bonus feature that Apple wanted its consumers to find out on their own while being clumsy near water. 

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Water Test of iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Both the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus were placed in a bowl filled with water in a switched on state and they both lived to tell the tale. And after that they were taken out and tested rigorously. All the ports seemed to work fine even after the submersion and the speakers too were absolutely normal. The touch seems to work as it would on any normal iPhone. And even the newly introduced 3D touch is working as it should. The touch ID or the fingerprint scanner works and the water has not affected it in any way. The phone is getting charged using the lighting port as it should.

There seems to be no water-logging in the any of the ports. There may seem to be one casualty though which surfaced on the 6s that a diagonal line of some sort appeared on the screen but other than that both the phones seem to be working as if they weren’t made to go through forceful drowning of any sort. The YouTuber also did a video testing out both the iPhones after 48 hours of the water test. No major effect came to the phones. 

Apple wanted to surprise iPhone 6s & 6s Plus buyers with waterproof feature. So it seems that you can use your new iPhone is the shower or in the rain and not worry about it being damaged in the process but I would not suggest doing any of these things because these iPhone cost big bucks and even if you do so, you might want to dry them out with a dryer or a pack of silica crystals.


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