Apple iPhone 6 release date, features and price

It is that time of the year when everyone is hearing rumors about Apple iPhone latest release to come.This year is no different and already there are many rumors about latest Apple iPhone 6 release date ,its features and price. iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for new iPhone 6 which promises a lot to them.

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date

There are 3 release  dates which are being rumored currently which are coming from China and German Telecom carrier. Germany and China are two of those countries which are first to receive latest iPhone every year and the release dates rumored from these two sources are quite correct every  year.

China has rumored a release date of  September 15th 2014 which falls on Monday and after 10 days i.e. September 25th 2014  which falls on Thursday,iPhone 6 will be available for retail.  The 10 days gap is for getting pre-orders. On the other hand, release date rumored by German Telecom Carrier is September 19th 2014 which falls on Friday.

Now, if you are an iPhone lover and have been following Apple releases you must be familiar that Apple launches iPhone on weekends mostly Friday’s. So ,release date from German sources i.e. 19th September looks more promising but nevertheless prediction from China should not be counted out as they have had successful predictions with previous release dates.

For iPhone 6 release date in India it is most likely predicting from past statistics, it will be after two weeks from when it is launched in US,China,Canada and European countries. iPhone 6 will most probably be released in first week of October 2014 in India.

Apple iPhone 6 Features

Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to come in 2 versions on with 4.7 inch screen size and another with 5.5 inch screen size in phablet category. The trend of launching two versions of  iPhone started last year when Cupertino giant released iPhone 5S/5C .

China has rumored that 5.5 inch variant of iPhone will be named iPhone Air. Recently, Apple also launched iPad with the same extension(Air).

Talking about the storage memory 4.7 inch variant will come with 32 GB and 64 GB. There will be no 16 GB variant for 4.7 inch iPhone . On the other hand,  5.5 inch variant will feature with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. This will be the first time when iPhone will be featuring 128 GB of memory storage space.

iPhone 6 will feature with latest IOS version i.e. IOS 8 which is supposed to be released later this year. Dual Core Processor is most likely to be replaced with Quad Core processor. Camera and Battery coming with iPhone will be of course enhanced .

Apple iPhone 6 Price

Every latest release of the iPhone is priced at a higher cost than the previous version of the iPhone. This year this trend is going to break which is a good news for everyone.

According to rumors from China ,4.7 inch iPhone with 32 GB storage will cost 5,288 CYN in China nearly same or even less than the cost of current iPhone 5s 16 GB .

iPhone 6 price in India will be around 51,000 inr  for 4.7 inch 32 GB variant.

5.5 inch iPhone with 16 GB storage will cost 5,990 CYN in China. Therefore ,price of iPhone 6 in India will be around 5,8000 inr for 5.5 inch 16 GB variant.

Apple iPhone 6  Image

iPhone 6 release date -features,price and image
iPhone 6 vs 5s side view

These images are leaked by Japanese sources and can be seen that the power button is on the right side in  new iPhone 6 unlike in iPhone 5s in which it is on top.

Apple has a lot to offer later this year with these two new iPhone 6 and iOS 8!



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