Apple enhances its iCloud Photos App and Maps Connect

Apple has added a few enhancements to its iCloud Photos App along with up gradations in Maps Connect web service. Apple iCloud is known for its security, however every now and then Apple is coming up with new feature additions to make it more user friendly. There are two feature additions in iCloud Photos App and one upgrade in Maps Connect

Feature Addition in iCloud Photos App

1. Photos Zoom Slider – iCloud Photos App now has a zooming slider. Using the slider users can zoom in and out of the Photo present on their iCloud. Below is the image showing the zooming slider introduced in iCloud Photos App.

2. Share Photos via Email – Sharing Photos via email is made available in the Photos App. With this feature users can easily share their Photos on iCloud via email. On clicking the button shown in the image below a pop up window will appear where you can enter the recipient of the email, Title and subject if desired.

iCloud Photos App features
iCloud Photos App zooming and Email feature

Maximum size allowed in one email is 20 MB as of now with no limit to the number of files. To email multiple images Click on Select Photos  on top of the page and select the desired Photos to be mailed. Once you are done selecting the Photos, click on Email, a similar pop up will open where you enter the recipient of the email, Title and subject if desired.

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Feature Addition in Maps Connect

Maps Connect from Apple is a service which is meant for small businesses and allows them to quickly add content to Apple Maps at ease. Maps Connect was limited to US previously, however now Apple has added UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore to the list of countries where Maps Connect could be used apart from US.

These were the few enhancements in iCloud Photos App and Maps Connect App. We hope these will be useful for iOS and OS X users.


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